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The Zastava 101 car was a fossil better than Jugoslvie. Growing 10 years ago


After 37 years of production, he undertook an agreement with the Italian firm Fiat in Kragujevac in the south-east capital. The latest work by Zastava 101 started production line for ten years now, November 21, 2008.
Along with the wagon, along with the "stojadin" or "kec" crash, he completed two flying models, Coral and Florida. But many years ago they began to pick up in 1981, and in the most elegant Florida, much later in the east. It was there a few kilometers away, in Europe, after a wolf world, which lasted for so long. Currently, Lada Niva (since 1977), and then cars like Morgan 4/4 or Caterham Seven.
The first part of the 101st anniversary left the show on June 15, 1971 (its predecessor, Fiat 128, but the first two years appeared) and that time the changing rooms changed. Serbians have been fighting for a 10-year-old 100,000 crowns in a pepper to buy a car that had no change to the 70's, the original light was only square, and the interior of the town replaced a dishwasher, replacing the chrome on the slopes and replacing it with zrctkch.

Otherwise, the fans of the new "stojadinu" were used as a type of machine: the msto vstikovn ml motor and the tradin end of the carburettor and the airbag were not recovered. There was no doubtful quality in production. In August 1972, criticism was given to Yugoslavian Auto Revija: Ivica Kraovec wrote a new car that locked the brakes by Zheb, Blehrad's Duke reopened the electrical installation.
Since 1971, more than one million "stojadin" have been produced, 250,000 Zastava 128, which is the original sedan of Fiat, driven by Kragujevac's production car. In recent years, however, 2,000 cars have been promoted only by production, with more than 20,000 cars. At the end of a year, Fiat Punto, named Zastavu 10, won the Fiat 500L with the pulse and Italian under Kragujevac.
Stop 101 (with 1100 marks) will meet in the Czech Republic. In the 70s, Mototechna was sold. At that time there were 65,000 wreaths, equal to Lada 1300, Koda 120 7,000 was cheaper. The quality of the manufacturing was also appreciated by Motorcycle and World Motor Show reviewers. In 1977, some wrote a spear: "If we name the car at the moment of sale, the first two places are the quality of the concession and noise noise."

In Czechoslovakia, between 1976 and 1980, only 10,000 "stolen" were sold to buy Yugoslavia. There is less than a record in the registry, there are ten years, two times. And no amount of rides can not be found. Both continue along, and there are many websites and facebook on Zastav 101.
"Stojadin" is very popular in Yugoslavia, though not as a car-making manufacturer, "Fio", the Fugitive version of the Fiat 600, shot in 1955 and 1985. Znm group Hladno beer, e "These new people fall from a ps / they are just without wrecks / ten mj (stojadin) ist run prce / from noznku to vfuku."
Photo: John, Starie, Sludge G, Stribrohorak

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