Saturday , February 4 2023

Vendors unexpectedly took or drank a secret store in Sap Celn


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From the Sapa control point of view, the focus of the daggers, the owner's owner and therefore the control of electronic records. After a few hours of point of view, colleagues found a secret warehouse, he said.

In one of the threshold stores, it was hidden behind a secret door. Vendors had no fault, only deducted.

Assessed the situation and left shopping stores left in secret areas, described by Kurkov. According to the spokeswoman, civil servants were controlled, led by a marketer and brought to a warehouse secret secret. There is no bridge there.

What clothes he remembered was a hunter, that is, shoes, perfumes, watches, wallets, trinkets and sweaters. They took all things, they took them to the warehouse,

If they were to be confiscated for the first time, they would be ten million crowns.

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