Saturday , December 4 2021

Vojta Drahokoupil in shock! Cheater has misused his name and has deceived more than a thousand people –


It was created by an unknown person who created false false alarm, in the appearance of Vojta Drahokoupil. The profile of Instagram is Vojta's photos, but also her girlfriend, Kristýna Kubíčková.

More than a thousand observers believe I believe that sending messages to Vojta's profile have been deceived. And now, people went a little farther! He caused a false warning when he was stolen in Vojta's real official account and changed his credentials. That's why Vojtach fans are referring to this new (but false) account. However, a person will be a bit brighter, after reading some lines of reading and writing, it will probably be understood that these words are not the heads of the singer.

"So, again, I try again to reset my new account and have changed the password and email. I am not the only one … In other words, I do not think the old accounts with my girlfriend …" " Writers are the input sentences that totally exclude the main and minor punctuation and other punctuation elements.

The false account statement is _vojta_d_officialni. While the singer's real profile is called vojta_d_official. Vojta himself stated the whole thing. "I do not know for those people, but that's enough for me. My point is, it's active and I repeat: it's the only real one," Blesk calls to his singers fans to scream.

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