Monday , May 29 2023

Weiss's betrayal! Slovakia does not respect respect, punishes the sanctions


Weisse probably instructed the new coach that Hapalo did not shoot in two courts in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Eden made it clear that after the other alternate rounds of Slovakia had been replaced by the other alternatives, the 28-year-old did not expect anything.

Behind Hapal coach behind, who trained his coach 1: 1, he quickly entered into cabin and disappeared. The Slovaks "What can I say, nowhere?" Was not found by the coach of Pavel Hapal, when the journalists asked about this situation. "I did not know until I entered the cabin, I understand what causes it, and so on. Let's see," unfortunately he added in his voice.

The horrible behavior of a scandalous man has been anger in Slovakia. To despise national representatives with elastic jersey, fans and the public are hardly bitten. "Weiss is not a national team. When we close our eyes, players' behavior has never been improved," said Michal Červený, a sports reporter from Denník N. of Slovakia.

A few months ago, after losing the Weiss, Czech (1: 2) match, he lost to the National League. When Kozak Kozak found him one day later, he was disappointed in the behavior of his guards.

Al-Gharaf SC, Qatar's defender has made a new start in Eden's duel, which is not the responsibility of the representative. "This can not be done. It crosses the disciplinary limits and shakes the team's work," Sparta Horst Siegl, former Sparta striker, in the Slovak case. "First and foremost, the bus and player must take four eyes, then go on a disciplinary procedure. The player is not really able to stand and exit the bench. Maybe he went to the bathroom and did not return, but I did not want to defend him. When he came out, he left him, he's bad. "

Traveling in trouble, there is no respect

Discussions on the Internet are full of rigorous comments from Slovakia and dressed in national behavioral behavior. Weisse is probably not a penalty, but now it's a team opportunity.

"People generally perceive it as a very talented footballer, so they try to forgive in many cases, it's certainly a better representation, since Qatar has played down, his situation has fallen and scandals are repeated over and over again" red thinking. "" Kozak claimed that we could have a small nation to pay for that player. But I think it must be a major player, not just on the field. "

In Slovakia, the controversial player does not care. "It's basically flying everywhere in the world, we guess the only one that is locked behind the cabin door, which is not a representative access. It's not a colleague, no team, teammates, coaches, fans or other basic tasks is incorrect or understandable. "wrote Michal Čarnoky, Š Šport editor.

Weiss had a great career and a talented footballer went to Manchester City, Glasgow Rangers, Espanyol Barcelona or Olympiacos Piraeus. Five years ago, he preferred millions of oil and went to an attractive Qatar budget. The rich and friendly football competition is currently working and has never had the potential to unite its talent.

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