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You just have to work, wait and pray. What a hundred and twenty-one to move on


In the last match of the standings when the national team of the last match won the Czech Republic (2: 0), the route was not filled. But he is on the left for everyone, said Pavel Bucha, who scored a 1-0 goal.

even out of ten, they lost only in Scotland, and with that they drew at home. He drew twice with Croatia and the Czech Republic. To do this, two victories to a weak Lithuania and an outsider from San Marino. Out of strong darkness, they won only in Croatia next to the Czech Republic. That’s also the number one spot on the board.

Then there is Group 4, which will change over time. When Skotov zvtz in Greece, the echo of the peach. The two darkness will reach 21 points, but for the Scots it will be a better balance.


1. esko 10 6 3 1 20: 4 21
2. Scotland 9 5 3 1 16: 4 18
3. Croatia 9 5 2 2 30: 7 17
4. ecko 9 4 1 4 9:11 13
5. Lithuania 9 3 1 5 9: 8 10
6. San Marino 10 0 0 10 0:50 0

If the Scots fail to manage their role, they will remain in first place and will move on to a winding tournament that will feature Slovenia and Hungary (team base) and pelomukvtnaa June (play off) for five years.

Zavhn Skot is one of the furniture available in Greece.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out and the darkness of coach Karel Krej goes down to the second level. You are given the opportunity to pass the amphitheater.

I hope the match in Greece will be enough. Nola: Dj is willing to kiss. We made every effort, so hopefully nm will go once and the results will go wrong, Bucha said.

The inclusion of nine teams and the top five teams from other cities will go up to the Euro. Since the eight groups are one estyenn and ptilenn, for the darkness table in other cities, the results are hidden only with the best five darkness in the group. In that case, two games over the last sixth of San Marino and 12: 0 were not going to happen.

What do you need to get up to the Euro?

zavhn Skot v ecku


zavhn Romanian proti Dnsku


zavhn Belgian v Bosnian


zavhn vd v Itlii

Even now they know they should have a better balance of darkness in second place than those other teams that are now Poland, Austria and Northern Macedonia. This means that even if I fall on the second lever, I only have to enter under the control of another opponent. And that shouldn’t be a problem considering the situation before the final round.

When that twenty-one is not sure about nineteen hours after the Scottish duel in Greece, I will be happy to drink pubis in another hour. And that happens if Belgium doesn’t invite Bosnia. He doesn’t play for anything.

Belgium’s victory means they have to wait all the time, as Romania will play against Denmark, a big favorite and a certain step forward. The days for the full standings were not only won at home to Ukraine. Romanians need victory, then the balance of darkness in other cities should be no better.

U21 Euro 2021

From: Slovenia and Hungary

The tournament, which had four participants, was scheduled to take place from June 9 to 26. With the European Championships being postponed until June 2021, UEFA has set a new deadline of twenty-one: attempts by stock teams will take place from 24 to 31 March, and the withdrawal phase from 31 May to 6 June.

The title is defended by Spain.

And when it’s not decided, this film has to see the middle duel of an Italian woman, as well as a certain part of the Euro.

However, the situation in the first team is very complicated due to the fact that the experts from the second city in Denmark and Iceland did not have an Army duel in November, which was delayed for the time being due to the current situation.

Suppose an unfinished match is held by a contemporary in favor of the two guests in the group and Island will finish second to Itli in order to be held later.

If the widow’s purse in Italy is increased, the island of Iceland and other cities will end up with a full table before the Czech Republic.

What is the chance that the Czechs will not have any of the options?

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