Wednesday , February 1 2023

Ahli Mohammed Hani is a refurbishment in front of Sulayman and Ajai contractors and rehabilitation.


Mohamed Hany Al Ahli, a player Al Al Wasl, participated in the match players, Maran took part in physical training and physical training during the quarterfinals of the African Champions League.

Al Ahly will join Al Wasl in the U.S. United Arab Emirates at 5:30 p.m., today, on Thursday, in Cairo's seventh season, on the seventh lap of Zayed Cup, in the second half of the Arab Champions League. Burj Al Arab's first meeting ended with a 2/2 draw.

Hanna underwent a therapeutic and rehabilitation program during the last few days while preparing for matches, and the next participant in the League League League.

On the other hand, Amr Al-Sulawiya and Junior took part in the gym, for two absences against Al Waslen.

Suley denounced the fracture in the outer joint of the ankle cavity while Agai was cut into the inner ligament of the knee,

He attended Ajay coaches with absences from Al Wasl.

The players that are missing out on today will participate in the field, under the direction of Hussein Abdel-Dayem, and Marranos will participate: Muamen Zakaria, Basem Ali, Mohammed Hani, Midi Jaber and Mahmoud Al-Jazzar, Amr Jamal and Amr Barakat waiting on the existing lists.

Al-Maran introduced the physical side and the warming of the ball, and then made a section of management. Han had Ajai exercising exercises, and Takh Abdel-Azir undertook the Takh training course.

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