Thursday , December 9 2021

Ahmed Flux explains why he separated from Hana Sheikh .. I was very surprised


In an interview between artist Amr Al-Laithi and Ahmed Flux on one of the people’s programs, “Al-Laithi” asked Ahmed Fluxi about the photos written “Before Magic” and Ahmed Flux revealed that his master had suffered magic and was already with him. that he was married.

Flux added, “I really didn’t know about magic, doing it every day had an impact on everything in my life, and I thought it was the reason for my divorce here and me.” Then he continued, “I felt weird things, I was deprived of my will and I hated acting, and I did a lot. With money and opening companies, but I don’t feel anything.”

When asked by the media, Amr Al-Laithi, why he had appeared in the face of witchcraft, Flux mentioned that the lady had told him “You will know nothing about me”, which aroused his suspicion. In fact, he began to seek and find betrayals and began to steal. Her hair is smooth, and she has a pink pumpkin, and I don’t see it.

Here Shiha and Flox .. separate with love

On the other hand, when Shiha was asked about artist Ahmed Flux here, he mentioned that his story started in the My share series and was split in the second half and that he continued to love and cling to it, but the wind comes with what the boats don’t want, no wedding was composed.

It is also worth mentioning that when Ahmed Flux presented the program in the Shemed Al-Hara program with the media, “Enas Al-Deghidi”, “Flux” said: “He was the one who wanted that. He was very nice, and among the people I met in my life, Mitta Awadosh , very beautiful, and he loved me very much. West has a million men. ” He continued: “As a man, I am very difficult, my level is very difficult, and he is very nervous, and easily overwhelmed, but he is the one who asked, and I did it against him, and until death, any need you will make.” .

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