Tuesday , March 21 2023

Drug: Mourinhor's word asked me to challenge Chelsea


In the first season of next year, he was definitely going to play Chelsea, due to Didier Drogba, and he thought that he was left behind by Bluetoke. Coach Jose Mourinho questioned the words.

"When I was looking for a break in the first season of Chelsea, I thought I would be the only striker for Marseille, and then Mourinho told me something interesting for me and the group," said Drogba, who had been admitted to English newspaper Mirror Friday, after announcing the retirement. "He was talking about the player," he said. "Do you know that you want to be the only king, I played the team and scored goals, I returned, but there are 22 kings. That's why I have challenged. That's why I'm a player."

"Probably, it was the best way to say farewell, but it was not realistic," he said, being sure that his team won the title, Bayern Munich was in the minute 83, but Ivorian won two minutes before winning the match, after winning Chelsea penalties.

Drogba, when he was 40 years old when he announced his retirement, said: "Believe me, if it were only for me, I'm still passionate about football, I saw a ball in front of me, I was 80 years old, I'm not tired, but I have to start something else." .

Drogba made a great move with Chelsea, with four titles of the Premier League, the UEFA Cup, three FA Cup titles and the Champions League 2012 title.

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