Monday , September 26 2022

I walk in the cold, I sleep and sleep. 7 Advantages of running in winter


Korrika is an important sport that promotes body health and builds muscle strength and promotes mental health and depression. It is usually run during the summer, especially in the morning, but the cold winter season continues, but some studies show that it has many benefits to running in winter.

Depending on a website zenlabsfitness The benefits of winter running are as follows:

run A
run A

1: It helps you to reduce calories, helps your body to warm up and exercise.

2: Improve the health of the heart and protect it from problems, crises and strokes.

3: It helps the muscular building and strengthens it, protects it against osteoarthritis and arthritis.

4: Improves physical fitness and physical fitness during winter run.

Advantages of the executive
Advantages of the executive

5: Keeps your health and promotes the health of the immune system and protects it from viruses and infections.

6: Stress, depression and anxiety help calm down and relax.

7: It works in the winter to promote the health of the respiratory system, because it helps cure cough.

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