Monday , November 29 2021

Love and Peace … a French story about a woman who converted to Islam and married a Nubian in Aswan


It was an event that made many people happy on social media and the Internet at a celebration of the people of the “Hisa” island of Aswan when a French woman proclaimed her Islam in an atmosphere full of joy and happiness.
To find out the story … Saber Askar, 38, from the Aswan village of Karour, met a 26-year-old French girl named Manu who worked in the tourism industry three years ago, when she fell in love with Aswan. to be. And the beauty of Nubia and the morale of the people of this country, from there he reaffirmed his desire to convert to Islam and after his conversion to Islam he switched to Ounte, the moon in the Nubian language.

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About the first meeting between them, Saber Askar said that the first meeting was in the village of West Suhail, and relations began to deepen and strengthen on the island of Hisa, which accompanied his picturesque character in the villages of Nubia and people welcomed his kind and welcoming guests. to know the authentic ones.

She came to make a declaration of conversion to Islam after her love for her husband and a declaration of conversion to Islam without the compulsion or coercion of her Muslim husband, in response to a story in France where the cartoon for Messenger was considered offensive.

He added that his wife called him “Onti” when he converted to Islam, which is the moon in the Nubian language, and stressed that he read about Islam for a while and that no one forced or forced him to join the Islamic religion, but he believed in it, especially in Egypt. at the time.

He continued to meet her when he initially asked her not to convert to Islam, but he arrived a year after he got married, during which time his wife lived in the middle of Nubia, where he learned about relationships, customs, Islamic traditions, good morals, and other good traits. In the Islamic religion, until she showed her desire to convert to Islam, until she settled in Egypt and announced her desire to live in the south with her husband.

And I continued to claim his conversion to Islam Zen In the Hisa island region the people of Nubia celebrated the birthday of the Noble Prophet in an important celebration, Muhammad Abdel Aziz Sheikh, former secretary of the Ministry of Endowments of Aswan and one of the chief sheikhs of Nubia, and I received congratulations and congratulations from our family and loved ones.

He explained that he works in the field of tourism and in the Aswan International Park, and that he has many profiles of his civilization and history, which he knew in his work.

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