Thursday , February 9 2023

Rania Youssef in the photography session with the same view of "Cairo Film"


Rania Youssef, photographer Mahmoud Ashour, was interviewed at the Cairo Film Festival, named Michael Jackson.

It was featured in the inauguration of the 40th edition of the Rania Cairo Film Festival wearing a black suit and hat, and created a sensation in the media for bold appearance.

On the other hand, "Rania" will be completing her "Hornet's Nest", because there are just two days left and workplace events are taking place when the three girls perform a national role in the national role and Rania Yousef anticipates difficult situations, And the role of the hero of the movie, the role of the protagonist, Majdi Kamel, to showcase some personalities in the country.

The movie "Hornet's Nest", by Rania Youssef, by Magdi Kamel, Ahmed Salameh and Sara Salameh, by Hamdi Youssef. The return of Director Adel Al-Aasar is a silver screen for the director.

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