Monday , May 29 2023

Tariq Shawki Takaful and Dignity Conference: 11.5 million students receive school feeding


The Minister of Education, Tariq Shawqi, said that it is a national goal of rationalizing support and its beneficiaries.

The Minister of Education, in the speech "participation in education and healthcare for investment in human capital," participates in Takaful's dialogue with dignity, enabling the rationalization of support, especially in health and education.

In this field, various programs of support, solidarity and dignity have been launched to achieve a fruitful collaboration between various institutions of the state, allowing future investments in the future and extending it from a poverty cycle.

He underlined the idea that the educational condition underlies the state of the new education system in the field of free education.

He said that a million-year-old high school students will benefit from the new three-state educational system.

He says that there is a good management of the school's file, and 11.5 million students are receiving school lunch meal, and a budget has been allocated a million pounds.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Solidarity celebrated the third anniversary of the Takaful and Dignity Program for the 3rd anniversary of the "Support for Production".

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