Sunday , October 24 2021

Today, Jason Dirolo arrives in Cairo with the participation of the first "Egypt Calendar" to revive concerts with Tamer Hosni


The American singer Jason Dirulo will focus on the first concerts in Egypt and the Middle East, together with Tamer Hosni, on the following day at British University.

The concert is part of the events of the Egyptian Calendar, a map of events that attracts the most important stars around the world in Egypt, especially the most important songs and sports events. They have hired the first concert of the most important international events, the producer Walid Mansour.

Egypt 24: Today … When Jason Dirolo arrives in Cairo, the dismissal of Egypt will revive the first concerts with Tamer Hosni's participation. The search engine moved to Egypt 24 and went to the source (and Shusha) and did not point to the site's focus and political liberation, but rather the responsibility of the news and the validity of the original publisher and himself and Shusha.

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