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After a male injury, 40 youngsters attended Rawtenstall McDonald's


A man has been injured by Rawtenstall McDonald's 40 young men.

This incident took place on Friday (April 26) at 9:15 p.m. at Rossling Hall's Haslingden Road.

Approximately 40 young people were reportedly fighting around in the restaurant and around.

During a pregnancy abroad, a man was injured and the Lancashire Police launched an investigation.

When this event took place on February 22 at the same restaurant, about 40 young people left the land a little over the ground and left large numbers of waste scattered outside.

McDonald's staff received a lot of abuse and had to spend two hours clearing off.

Officials now encourage their parents to find out what their children are doing before leaving home.

Regarding the latest incident, the police spokesman for Lancashire said: "McDonald's Anti-Sexual Behavior in Rawtenstall. In the last 30 minutes, about 40 youngsters are in the restaurant and around, and a man has been injured now.

"They may remind parents that they should know what their offspring is about to leave home.

"If you have information about all the affected people, contact 101."

Otherwise, anonymous information may be reported on Crimestoppers UK on 0800 555 111.

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