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Air attack on the eastern tip of the northern Ethiopian city of Mekelle


The Ethiopian Air Force said last week that it would continue its attack on selected military targets. Expansion Gebremichael accuses the government of attacking civilians

Mekele Airstrike _
Mekelle City after Monday’s attack. (photo: VOA Amharic)

November 16, 2020

The Ethiopian Air Force carried out an air strike in the city of Mekelle on Monday. A report by Mulugeta Atsebeha VOA Amharic reporter said it happened around 11:15 p.m.

The goal was to the east of the city behind the balloni stadium. “I saw smoke and dust, and a hole in the area where the strike took place,” Mulugeta Atsebeha said.

The journalist also mentioned neighbors in the area to report that one person was killed in the attack. In addition, there was minor unspecified damage to nearby homes.

Banking service was restored in the city, but Internet and telephone communications were disconnected. The only telephone service in the region is through the Red Cross, which requires people to register.

Reuters reported that the government had not targeted areas of airstrikes.

Meanwhile, the president of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the president of the Tigray regional state, Debretsion Gebremichael, accused the government of targeting civilians in an airstrike, which the Ethiopian government denied. He also reported the drone strike and called on the international community to condemn it.

“The Eritrean and Ethiopian Defense Forces are conducting a coordinated attack with special forces in the Amhara region,” he says. However, Eritrea refuses to take part in the war between the TPLF and the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

He also said that “non-African forces” are involved in the war, but did not specify who exactly those forces are, the VOA Amharic service reported.

So far 20,000 people have crossed the border into Sudan to flee the war. But there are unconfirmed reports that the TPLF is mobilizing migration with the aim of internationalizing the war with the aim of attracting the attention of the international community.

This was a confirmation of how the war started, with Sekoture Getachew, one of TPLF’s main propaganda men, admitting on TV to Dimtsi Woyane – who belongs to TPLF – that this week TPLF forces carried out a “preventive attack”. at the northern command of the defense force on 4 November. Hundreds of unsuspecting members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces are believed to have been massacred when TPLF soldiers slept.

According to the Ethiopian government, in the days following the attack, a large number of Ethiopian Defense Forces managed to get out of the siege. The TPLF lost control of several towns in the west and south.

In addition, Ethiopian troops have advanced to Mekelle, where TPLF leaders believed to be responsible for the war are believed to live. However, it is not clear whether the war will end in a few weeks or be long.

There have been demonstrations in support of the Ethiopian Defense Forces in several Ethiopian cities.

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