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Covid-19 Deaths Overflow, ICU Overflows, Disneyland Closures Activate More


November brought good news for those around the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Disney’s California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street opened to allow guests to shop, eat and stay at a Disney park for the first time. Technically what Disney did was expand the Downtown Disney shopping area to DCA, which would increase its capacity for an outdoor mall. The increase was successful and did not give any real problems. That’s the end of this story, right? Unfortunately, no.

We’re talking about November here, a lot of things happen every year in November. Temperatures have dropped and rain is likely. it brings people in and out of the house. Breathing and breathing the same air. November is also the first day after Halloween, as it is a holiday that people dress up, drink too much and go to parties where they breathe and breathe the same air. About three weeks into November, we are approaching Thanksgiving, one of the biggest holidays of the year. The two busiest days to travel in the U.S. are always the Wednesday and Sunday before Thanksgiving, as friends and family travel long distances to be on vacation together. Sitting in family rooms and at dinner tables breathing and breathing the same air.

However, as we are in the midst of a pandemic caused by an airborne virus, we have been warned against such activities. We were told to skip Halloween parties and think of something fun to do at home with the people you live with. We were warned that cooler temperatures and higher humidity would make it easier for virus particles to pass between each other. So we were told to stay away socially and wear a mask if we had to be away from home. They also warned us about the thanksgiving meetings. The trip was dangerous, with millions of Americans lined up at airports, boarded planes, used travel sharing services from the airport, and then spent the weekend sharing germs for four days in a row. We were told to leave the usual thank you only once, to keep each other safe and to fill the hospitals.

Well, needless to say, many heeded the advice of the experts and changed their plans, but many others (it seems) were the exception to these rules and seemed to act normally. For some it was a political statement that they did not wear a face mask, which they were happy to do after the 2020 elections ended. The basis is that we generally did not follow the advice of experts and began to see the patches.

Covid-19 Deaths are greater than them they it has never been

One might think to oneself, “this seems to be creating a story about new restrictions within the Disneyland Resort, this could be summed up in one paragraph.” The answer to that is true. Yes, this could have been another copy of the many “Disneyland XYZ Due Covid-19” articles. But this is different, here’s why.

The Covid-19 cases are reaching astronomically high levels. The highest we have ever seen. Kill and get sick at a higher rate than the scariest weeks of March and April. Earlier this week, Covid-19 became the leading cause of death in the United States. He overcame murder, suicide, car accidents, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, yes, he overcame heart disease. Heart disease is always at the top of this list, but Covid-19 has also surpassed heart disease.

So it’s not a worrying trend to see some potential problems on the way to California. We are in these potential problems, we have gone out, we have run out of gas and we are facing this deadly monster that has been warned for months and collectively unable to follow the instructions given by public health experts. . The result? Death, of course. But also a new health crisis, the surrounding hospitals are overcrowded, people in need of life-saving help are moving away, doctors are literally deciding whose lives should be saved and who shouldn’t, because they don’t have the resources to help everyone. Surveillance is being rationed and the dead are packed and packed in freezer trucks to make room for the overloaded slaughterhouse.

That’s happening in California and the United States and it was completely inevitable. Now that I’ve filled out the outside photos, leave me the point of this post. Fearing further stress on the hospital system is leading to tighter cuts in several areas of California. One of the consequences of these tougher restrictions is that Downtown Disney will have to close down restaurants and food and beverage locations without food. Those that offer the opportunity to carry food cannot be consumed in the Downtown Disney area. Mobile computers must be picked up, picked up, and then consumed in the car or at home. This will begin on Monday, December 7th.

Now we have the last pain of falling Covid-19. It is clear that people who are dying, who then become ill but do not die, many of whom have long-term unknown effects due to being sick, then there is depression, rising addiction problems, lack of proper education for children. , and, of course, millions and millions of people who have lost their last pain, lost income and savings and are completely broken.

This is also the case with this story, as Disney will once again have 350 actors. Most of these employees were prosecuted and Disney returned to work to exploit new restaurants and shops in or near Buena Vista Street in the DCA. As a result, many of these places were forced to close, and workers returned home.

Retail stores selling food will be open at Marceline’s Confectionary, Downtown Disney and Trolley Treats DCA, among others. Food purchased in these places should be eaten outside.

Downtown Disney restaurants that offer outdoor dining such as Splitsville, Ballast Point and Catal are expected to close. Other restaurants like Tortilla Joes, The Jazz Kitchen and Black Tap have the option to stay open. Food and beverages purchased from Wetzel’s Pretzels, Jamba, Salt & Straw and other smaller food and beverage establishments, such as Earl of Sandwich and Starbucks, should also be consumed from the Downtown Disney property.

Luckily, we can eventually get sick and tired and tired and we will collectively agree to listen to public health guidelines and do what they say. Otherwise, this situation is getting worse and hearing our Disney Parks systematically close will be our least problem. It is in our hands and what we have done so far is not enough.

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