Thursday , June 8 2023

Ethiopia appoints former opposition leader to elect election committee – New Business Ethiopia


In an attempt to make free and fair elections in May 2020, the reformist prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, has today named the former opposition as the head of the election board.

One of the former judges and one of the most anti-female parties, Bitthouz Mideksa, was arrested after the 2005 national election in Ethiopia.

The decision coincides with the promise made by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to improve the country's election process. The government is preparing for May 2010 elections and its political commitment shows an independent electoral commission, according to the Prime Minister's office.

He moved to the United States several weeks ago to return home to help Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reform efforts.

Birtukan, his supporters, an iron lady, swore his morning in the Addis Ababa parliament as a board member of the Ethiopian National Electoral Commission.

Ethiopian governor, the baby was a critic of the critics, because they did not feed human rights abuses and citizens. The power of the rebels in 1991 began to take decisions that came after the adolescent women of the arrival of Prime Minister Abiy recently.

The court has recently given 50% of the position of its minister's cabinet to highly qualified women, including the defense and peace minister, who is responsible for all security in the country.

Many questions can ask you, that these women can end up with the suffering of more than 100 million people in Ethiopia, the poor rich people? Or will they always fall under the influence of men?

His public profile shows that he was working in federal power, a court judge at Birtukan, who was appointed to the 3rd court tribunal of the first federal court.

At that time, the former defense minister and the high ranking of the TPLF, Siye Abraha, were accused of corruption, made a high profile.

He decided to leave the defense without freedom and were amazed a few minutes later when the government authorities arrested siy, accompanied by his family and friends.

Birtukan decided to go to a political party to create a change, to recognize the state of the law and to give full respect to the constitution.

Rainbow joined Ethiopia: Democracy and Social Justice Movement, and later Unity and Democracy for Coalition (CUD). During the 2005 elections, his party passed a third of the seats.

Party members believe that gaining even more seats, if not irregularities and not telling. After the elections, the parties of the government began to push forward the leaders of opposition parties in Birtukan, who had condemned the order of the constitution and punished what was in prison.

After long negotiations in 2007, after 18 years of imprisonment, along with other opposition leaders, he was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment.

In Birtukan, UDJ (Democracy and Justice Unit) was created later, with the same principles as the CUD Guided. The party of the ruling party of the governing party was called by the name of a new party from the CUD (Kinijit). Birtukan was appointed UDJ President, aiming to bring peaceful changes to Ethiopia.

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