Sunday , March 26 2023

Ghanaian Mubarak midfielder Wakaso will play Deportivo Alves' league match with Leganes


Ghana midfielder Mubarak wakes up doubts about the left shoulder and Alavés will dispute Alaveses in the league match against Leganes on Friday.

After gaining a victory in Alava for the 28-year-old, he lost his international break.

Wakas was the first Alavés to return to Vitoria in the afternoon, and Ghana was able to win the title of the 2019 African Cup in Ethiopia, winning 2-0 in Ethiopia.

Its availability has been promoted by Alavarre, who only had one midfielder: Manu García and Brasanac after the injury host.

Wakos has helped Alaves to raise surprise this season.

The club is in the fourth place with three points from Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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