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TikTok turns ‘Ratatouille’ into great Broadway music, and we want to …


November 18, 2020, 11:38 p.m.

TikTok users have turned ‘Ratatouille’ into a very Broadway music

TikTok users have turned ‘Ratatouille’ into a very Broadway music.

Image: TikTok / danieljmertzlufft / fettuccinefettuqueen / tristanmichaelmcintyre

It started as a simple song, and today TikToker around the world has provided music, choreography, set design and costume suggestions for the musical “Ratatouille”.

When Em Jaccs posted a message a cappella “Love ballad” for TikTok’s Remy the Rat, Disney’s 2007 hit star Ratatouille, He discovered the musical fame of Bernstein-and-Sondheim proportions.

He knew the next one, his 15-second performance sparked international movement in the video-sharing app, and encouraged theater fans around the world to collaborate.

Millions of views later, and after a few creative “duets,” Jaccsen’s song paved the way for the entire Broadway production, based on the fictional rat cooking adventure.

Here’s how it happened …

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Like much of the content that memes populate on the Internet deserve, sudden attention Ratatouille it came out of nowhere completely.

But, being a story about rodents becoming a great cook, the potential was always there. And Em Jacs acknowledged that.

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It released a self-tuned ode in August, and like most of the clumsy, dark content that feeds TikTo, it went off.

Inspired by the creativity of the short video, the originality and the general ~ atmosphere ~, the people of the house jumped at the chance to orchestrate the production prepared for the stage.

First, @danieljmertzlufft added additional voices.

“You have to imagine this whole set as a whole. Like 40 people,” reads the text on the screen.

Suddenly, Jaccsen’s soloist is ready for the big stage, thanks to additional instrumentation and layered vocals.

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At the moment, it seems pretty compelling. It’s almost compelling that a show like this could become a reality.

But, as most playwrights will argue, excellent choreography is essential for any musical.

Enter the dancer @tristanmichaelmcintyre …

@Fettuccinefettuque’s self-proclaimed “musician, songwriter and silly person” Remy decided to take on the role of his troubled father for his entry.

Practicing a song dedicated to garbage, Gabbi wore the ears of a domestic rat as he circled the theatrical ballad.

Actually, it’s pretty bop.

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Still not convinced that this can be a legitimate musical?

Here are TikTokers @siswij, @shoeboxmusicals and @ardellyfoshelly to prove you wrong.

A playbill for the show you say? Jess Siswick has done it.

Fascinating scenery? Designed by Shoebox Musicals.

TikToker Ardell has also created costume ideas …

It is clear that there is hunger Ratatouille-inspired by music.

Good luck getting rid of “Remy the Ratatouille” …

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