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2h30 late, hoot and scene … After the Parisian fiction of the concert, Lauryn Hill apologizes


WE ARE – The former Fugees singer made his film tonight as part of his career 20th anniversary of Miseducation. Two and a half hours later, the people received a bad reception. And his chaotic performance did not allow his French fans to win.

"Ready or not, I'm here." Lauryn Hill did not lose his reputation: the stage arrived two hours later. The American singer gave his two performances tonight on the first two days of Paris 20th anniversary of Miseducation. After a few years, the fans hurried. The 15,000 people present at the concert have no money, minimum 50 euros. DJ Reborn, one of the first parties, was in charge of heating before getting to the room. She was successful … but only partly. Tired of waiting, the visitors started booing at 9:30 p.m. standing upright.

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It was a good surprise for Fary to play the comic at Bercy's Arena Bercy. 21:40, his voice rises in the microphone, to wait another ten minutes. It does not happen anymore. They're shouting, boo, shouted. When he arrives at his stage, the comic barely laughs. The atmosphere is very temper, nothing helps. The whistle below the concert abruptly stays.

DJ Reborn is back. Fortunately, the fans prepared a very (very) long set. "There is not much time left for waiting," he said. Still, Lauryn Hill is not seen. He exasperates the audience, he does not dance anymore.

"Every day on stage is a struggle for me, but it's worth it"

Lauryn Hill

Non-conventional pity

Hope is revived at 22:34 when the microphone is installed on stage at last. A few minutes later, Lauryn Hill recently looks like a sugar and wears her chestnuts. The reception is cold, public at all costs. "Tonight we are celebrating 20 years Missucation"He says immediately without conviction.

LEHENDE ALASIO – Lauryn Hill raises doubts after two hours

Sing it Intro but can not convince. The scene does not exist, except for some video behind the singer. Lauryn Hill moves a bit, hangs her microphone. Beside her, the choir tries to warm up the room. "Raise your hands in the air," he says. But nobody continues.

The former Fugees singer reinterprets his best names, End Time to Ex-Factorpassing by Zion and Doo wop. His three singers and his drums, guitarist and trumpet notes have not lost his voice. But the heart is not there. Sometimes, when rapping, the viewers seem a bit faster. But at the end of each song, he sucks. Lauryn Hill does not interact with them, the concert is lacking in emotion.

Authoritarian Lauryn Hill with her team

By title I can not get my eyes removed, the artist seduces her fans again. Sing your heart with it. He then prepares his musicians, on stage, with 15,000 people. Do they repeat it? Are you ready The relationship did not look good.

Lauryn Hille recites a curious talk. "Every day on stage it fights for me, but it's worth it," he says, before speaking about sincerity and integrity. Hides the audience again, surprised by the fact that they do not respect them.

Lauryn Hill sings Doo-Wop, the last song. In all, there were eight. Unconventional interpretation. In the middle of performance, the lights are back. It is already 23:30, it is necessary to pay a penalty for paying the penalty. AccorHotels Arena makes the microphone cut off. The musicians will leave the stage. Staying Lauryn Hill wants to interpret the final title. But nothing works. No one turns his microphone, no musicians return. It is only

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The singer takes his bow and sets the scene ahead of echoes of his fans. Shortly he goes through the hole to shake his hands. But this is not enough to solve fifty-five minutes. At the start, the fans talk a fiasco. Others did not wait for a second to wait for the album Missucation. The goal is not to be a bad image of Lauryn Hill. The artist must do it on Wednesdays on Wednesdays at AccorHotels Arena. Expected service as a fear.

Lauryn Hill pardoned on Twitter, on Tuesday night in concerts in Brussels and Paris. "We are sorry for the delay, we are working on adapting to European production of our production, with the changes that affect time and concern, we had to face the challenges of these first spectacles," he wrote, giving me a lot of gratitude for an album that represents many people every day. to present something honest. Thank you for coming, helping us, your patience and your understanding. We are excited about this European tour and tomorrow we are expecting a concert! "

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