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Amazon will have consoles in stock on November 19, 2020


Amazon has emailed its European customers that it will be launching certain versions of the PS5 platform on the day. If you plan to purchase the console from Amazon on November 19th, you can do so through the UK, Spanish or Italian site until the supply is complete.

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You really want to buy a PS5 and we understand you. However, as you know, it’s not enough money and desire: since the pre-orders opened, we know that the PlayStation 5 will be chronically sold out at least until this year. 2021. This does not mean that there is little opportunity to buy the device. before this horizon.

But we immediately warn you, when this kind of opportunity arises, in the current context, The only way to get the unit in hand is to know the exact date and time the console will be in stock, and to make it very quick to add the console to the cart and validate the request. We know from users that one of these options for buying the PS5 is emerging this week.

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Amazon has confirmed to some customers that PS5 stocks will be available on November 19, 2020

Some European versions of the Amazon platform ship email to their customers to warn that the console will be in stock on November 19, 2020 at 13:00 (Paris). We can read in one of these messages sent by Amazon UK: “The Sony PlayStation 5 will be available again on on November 19, 2020 [13 heures heure de Paris, ndlr]. Stocks are limited ”

And follow Amazon: “We will do our best to deliver all orders as soon as possible. If you request a console, we will send you an email with an estimate of the shipping date. However, please note that this date may change.” Similar messages have been received from Spanish and Italian customers, suggesting a list of Amazon variations that will be stocked in Europe when you consult this:

  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon Italy

Of course, if you receive a message from Amazon France on November 19, 2020 about the availability of the PS5, feel free to share it in the comments on this article!

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