Friday , March 31 2023

Annabelle Varane, a half star, but anonymous Mauritian unknown


Hunger is lost in his hotel. – Laurent VU / SIPA

When you loose, you forget your personality: you play in your region. Mauritius, where the misses trip is conducted, therefore, a direction in Limousin, Picardy or Corsica. And if there is one
Annabelle Varane, sister
The footballer, who is already a well-known name, is no exception. Here's "Nord-Pas-de-Calais". Do not lose facial treatment.

It was impossible to see his first interview with the media. "It's common for my name to spark curiosity, because it initially thought that women who were interested in her region had triumphed three times in the last three elections, and I am very proud of my brother, and my family as a whole."

"It was not premeditated"

And it's the last of four children, a great pharmacist and a lawyer brother. "They are very supportive and strict with me. A way to prevent a question:" Did you prepare your brother to face the media? He also talks about his little brother and sister, and one of them, like his oldest son, stands out in football and wants to become the doctor again.

Regarding his lost adventure, he was "brilliant" at the end of the summer. He was not premeditated. "I tried to model it but it did not work," says Varane. When I was very spontaneous, I went to Miss Dunkerquois, where I live, because it is faster and more comfortable for me. I love Miss France, I've always seen it, it's magical. "Especially since the election will be held in Lille, at home, and" happy ".

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