Thursday , December 9 2021

B & You adds unlimited internet to their mobile planets on weekends


Unless the price of its promotional offers drops, Bouygues Telecom enriches them. For new customers, the B & You 80 GB package of € 14.99 per month includes unlimited internet on weekends in mainland France (excluding multi-SIM internet option). It is a return on the benefit included in the old offers.

B & Zu

This package offers 10 GB in Europe / DOM and a three-month Spotify Premium. It is available until November 18th. The 100 GB package (15 GB in Europe / DOM) also includes unlimited data on weekends for € 19.99 per month.

B & You offers an eSIM for iPhone, but you must apply for it as a replacement for your nano-SIM and your Apple Watch is not yet supported on your cell phone.

In Sosh, limited series have just been updated. Until December 14th, paying € 14.99 per month, we have 70 GB in France (10 GB in Europe) and € 20.99 per month, we have 100 GB (15 GB in Europe). It is much more interesting than in the past. In the spring, Sosh charged € 16.99 a month for £ 100.


Promotional prices for all operators have been steadily rising since last year and of course this is not going to stop.

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