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Black Friday: the best Sunday deals for December 6 Amazon, Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount … – News


Black Friday 2020 is in full swing! After a tremendous week of delays and a wide range of offers in all categories, we are entering the final phase of this “black Friday”. One day before the “Cyber ​​Monday” that will allow you to take advantage of new offers on Monday, follow us on all the pre-Christmas promotions, even in the latest sprint for retailers like Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount or even Darty.

Will we be eligible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Switch packages? Will we see wheels, controllers, headphones, and other gaming accessories? Where can we find the best prices on 4K, LED, QLED and OLED TVs, including Fnac, Cdiscount and Amazon? Will Rue du Commerce do better than the offers offered yesterday? Have and LDLC saved any surprises for this special day? Will Auchan, Carrefour and Leclerc supermarkets continue to race? We will be surprised by the low prices of Cultura or Micromania. All these brands that we have been following very closely for two weeks now will be able to give it their all today, and so they will live up to our expectations.

In recent days, the first clues about the offerings are emerging, with promotions of games or accessories for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and why not the Nintendo Switch. We should be familiar with 4K, OLED TVs, which sometimes go up to 120 Hz thanks to the latest HDMI 2.1 standards, and in ever-increasing sizes. We hope to find deals on PC displays, SSDs, motherboards and all gaming accessories. The sound should also be there, with the wired and wireless headphones, but also with the sound bars of the big brands.

Don’t forget the subscription offers for your consoles, with the restrictions seen last year on Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation. If you need to subscribe for a year, this is the best time to save a few bucks. Be careful, these offers are temporary and short-lived. So we have to decide quickly.

Through this live, we offer you a selection of the best offers. To get Christmas gift ideas, enrich your toy library or optimize your game setup and prepare well for the next generation, Black Friday is the perfect time for shopping. This opportunity to find great deals on prices that face all competition.

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