Monday , May 29 2023

CRS dislodged protesters in front of Amazon


Following on from Loriol's Intermarché logistics base, on Friday, Amazonia was wearing Montélimar wearing a wrap. Thirty Protestants installed an advert in front of the giant sales department, because France did not pay taxes.

In the afternoon, he negotiated with demonstrations that raised the pressure of the subprefessional Nyons. At the entrance to the meeting was a stand that took the CRS.

In the morning, a few trucks could go in and out. The transaction also influenced Easydis, one of the logistic bases of the Casino Group, located in the Portes de Provence neighborhood. Schneider Electric was the other company involved, which did not deliver its Privas plant (Vivarais electric construction) in the morning.

The operation was well received by the help of non-stop coaches. The yellow vesture was greeted by horn horns in the morning.

First VP blocking dams

After the war, on Friday, they diverted the yellow vest that placed Loriol's front of Logistics Intermarché. According to the Drôm prefeture, they witnessed crimes of witnesses. The same thing as the Ardon Tournon, where the dam to the Tain-l-Hermitage leads to the entrance to the bridge was not sufficiently strained.

In Ardèche, the yellow vest is Pouzin, Davézieux, Viviers, Saint-Just-D, Ardèche or Aubenas and Lavilledieu. Still in Drôme, Livron and Loriol continue to be a crossing in the A7 roundabout at Malataverne (Montélimar-Sud interchange) and in the morning, a group of South Valence tides.

Does the radar burn, is there a connection?

Two radiators were burnt all night around Drôme. Chabrillan near Crest and radar construction site between Short Lacra installed between the Romans and Valence. The radius was also degraded in the Saint-Étienne-de-Valoux region in Ardèche. These actions have not been claimed but we can not exclude them with leg vest movements.

More peaceful actions claimed, the Romans where sticky yellow stickers were stuck on card machines.

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