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Force OVRIERE, Veyrier wants to restore the authority of his unity


Yves Veyrier, 60, forced Ouvriere's number Thursday to "tighten wounds" and "recovery authority" to his unity, stemming from internal tensions, scandal and Pascal's resignation from Pavageau.

Former Director and CEO of the Confederal Chief (Board of Directors), in 2004, won 2,720 votes or won 45.75% of the votes cast.

Christian Grolier, CEO of FO, at the age of 52, had 2,577 votes, or 43.35%. Patrice Clos was the federation of transportation for 53 years, 10.9%.

"It's worth demo," Yves Veyrier smiled at the head of his election at a meeting on the second day of the Confederation of Paris. There, negotiations between FO executives around the three candidates ran.

"It will be a heavy burden, but we have a form, forceful, determined!", This discreet man, added complex complex arrows, elected for a period of two and a half years. "If necessary, we will see that it will be necessary to extend a one-year term". This reflection is not there, "he said, in order to respect the requirements of the April convention, vote for a large majority.

His program? Restore "immediately" to the authority and FO word, the revelation, at the beginning of October, of the existence of a file where some frames were filed by "stupid" or "completely crazy" jostled by deked. The exhumation of this document led to the resignation of Pascal Pavageau after six months after the election. And "it will be necessary to decorate the wounds related to the file".

– Hot folders –

In order to add problems, some press articles had FO in leading payments and expenses reports, with a deficit of 632,000 euros for 2016 after a million surplus of the previous year. Yves Veyrier wanted to make a financial statement of the confederation.

In hot topics, he mentioned social security, unemployment insurance, elections and pension reforms. With regard to the movement of "yellow vest", he has violated it and does not want to question the unions' question, but rather the "real problem of social policy."

In this phase, it is not intended to link FO, on the day of the mobilization of December 1 by the CGT.

Yves Veyrier calls it a "militant reformist", when Jean-Claude Mailly finished the mandate of the negotiation tool, although he was silent a part of the militants. According to the opponent of the "clone" of Mailly, when others praised the unity of the unity, he said he was fifteen at Thursday: "I'm not the Clone of Mailly, not Pascal's Pavageau," or even Marc Blondel, who also rubbed his arms.

On that day, the staff of the SCC canceled their bags every day and condemned files, but the interventions were good without "impersonal or mockery", according to officials. The leader also sees unpleasant conflicts unpacked in the public expedition around seven weeks.

"In the current period, it is necessary to prevail over the solvency and avoidance of the power of purchase, but rather to separate itself," emphasized Fabrice Lerestif, an anarchist image and Patrice Clos. "vests".

Internal voltage signal: the presence of three candidates was the first FO, and the statutes do not turn in the second round. Then, the bureau decided to elect a single electoral election, which did not achieve the absolute majority of Mr. Veyrier's task,

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