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Gérald Darmanin, active or handicapped for Emmanuel Macron?

The place of Beauvau was dreamed of by Gérald Darmann. But her entry into the Interior Ministry office in early July was first greeted by shouts from feminists. Activists have multiplied demonstrations to demand the resignation of the minister, who has been the subject of a rape allegation since 2009. In vain. Republican President Emmanuel Macron has not given up on his choice: the Minister of Public Accounts, on the right, to become the “first French police” to end the police union tension against Christophe Castaner. The Tourcoing elected official, who has been the youngest interior minister in the Fifth Republic since he was 37, has since benefited from the constant support of the Head of State. In any case, it opened at the end of November until the catastrophic sequence.

Saturdays November 21 and 28, l’24. Article of the proposal The law on “global security”, which Gérald Darmann wanted and aimed at limiting the dissemination of images of police interventions, provokes large demonstrations in France to defend freedom of the press, which is repeated by foreign media. . Between those two dates, police violence is headlines: a migrant camp was violently evacuated from the Place de la République in Paris on Monday, police beat up a black music producer on Thursday, A Syrian photographer living in France was injured by a police officer On Saturday … Monday, November 30, he was taken by a cold anger, according to World, Emmanuel Macron “relocate” to his Minister of the Interior and to let him know that Article 24 will be rewritten. Retained in his position, is Gerald Darmanin still active or is he now a burden to the executive?

On the political spectrum, the cause is heard: man is divided. “It’s a divisive political image, heavily marginalized on the left, but appreciated by supporters of La République en Marche. It gets scores above its national average among supporters of the LR.”, emphasizes French Deputy Director Brice Teinturier Ipsos, based on a survey conducted before the week of November 23rd. “On the device of Emmanuel Macron, adds, someone is important, especially the king “.

Clearly, Gérald Darmanin is in charge of siphoning the electorate “hard straight” in fact, the head of state, in the run-up to the 2022 presidential election, is summing up more violently Former Interior Minister and former President of the Constitutional Council, Jean-Louis Debré on BFMTV.

“Gérald Darmanin was elected to embody the hard right that can pump the votes of the National Front.”

Jean-Louis Debré, former Minister of the Interior


More specifically, the new tenant of Beauvau Square would attract the missing right-wing popular voter Emmanuel Macron. “Gérald Darmanin understands this elected people and feels pretty good about it,” At the meeting, MoDem group president Patrick Mignola was tried.

A graduate of Sciences Po Lille (although he grew up in Paris), the Home Secretary has never hesitated to claim his roots and humble origins, reminiscent of his mother, a cleaning lady or his grandmother. -father father. One of his first political supporters is the very right-wing Christian Vanneste, with whom he was successful at the age of 29 as a deputy for the 10th constituency in the North in 2012. Xavier Bertrand took over and, in fact, in 2016, its vice-president at the Hauts-de-France regional council.

The last good fairy to bend over her cradle in front of Emmanuel Macron seems to be lovingly covered by Nicolas Sarkozy. The two men had breakfast together in late November at Place Beauvau, they allege Point and The Express (articles for subscribers). “Emmanuel Macron deplored the victory of the left in the 2022 campaign, which clearly aims to mobilize the right-wing electorate,” believes Rémi Lefebvre, a professor of political science at the University of Lille. “The appointment of Gérald Darmanin to Place Beauvau is a signal sent to voters by Sarkozy, and he remains close to the interior minister.”

Nicolas Sarkozy had just got it “To reduce the electorate of Le Pen”, As political scientist Nonna Mayer pointed out, the 2007 presidential campaign focused on security issues. However, is the student worth the teacher? The Republican party executive who prefers to remain anonymous is ironic.

“Nicolas Sarkozy is a bad hologram, with one difference: Sarkozy had results.”

Republican party executive


For example, like a former president reminiscent of “garbage gangs,” Gérald Darmanin multiplies semantic provocations. “When I hear the word ‘police violence’, I personally drown.”, he testified on July 28 before the National Assembly’s Legislative Committee. In the midst of an investigation into the death of Cédric Chouviat, who died of asphyxiation at a checkpoint, the sentence is shocking. However. Gérald Darmanin continues his push, no doubt out of the vocabulary used on the far right. Like the term “savagery” that BFMTV repeats to its liking.

“I think a certain part of society lives in savagery, called savagery.”

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior

On BFMTV on September 7th

This term has already angered Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti, who pointed the finger “those who are constantly adding” using “populist discourse” and “offer”. But with the support of the presidency, Gérald Darmanin ignores the uproar within the government. As reported Parisian, Prime Minister Jean Castex also tried to persuade, in early September, to abandon that dictionary. No effect: “Personally, I use the word ‘wild’, and I repeat it”, continues the Interior Minister during the trip.

The debate over and over again is unbearable for the left, it is astonishing in its scope, but it also annoys the old party. “The role of the interior minister is to set an example, to be strong and calm. You can’t always be in blows, as an attitude., deal with Public Senate He is accused by the head of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau“hysterize” discussion.

Following the example of Nicolas Sarkozy, we especially suspect that Gerald Darmanin wants to take light to the service of his sole purpose. “Only one it’s the same thing that interests him. He is obsessed with his career. For him, Beauvau is an excellent communication plan at his service “, attacks the aforementioned LR scope. “It’s all about communication.”

“He’s very strong at hearing, but he twists his arms the rest of the time,” follows Daniel Fasquelle, former deputy of Le Touquet and current mayor of LR, who also denounces this “betrayal” Gérald Darmanin (leaving the LR to join Emmanuel Macron) than his arrogance of the past, especially in the face of his former party.

“In the hemicycle, Gérald Darmanin, he is the most unpleasant of our ministers.”

Daniel Fasquelle, LR Mayor of Le Touquet


On the right, other voices are raised to defend the former mayor of Tourcoing. In the head From the Hauts-de-France regional council, Xavier Bertrand has been careful not to attack his first foal. “We need to stop being responsible for all the tensions in the country, because it has been there for a few months,” complained the president of Hauts-de-Seine on BFMTV on Sunday, November 29th.

It is difficult at the moment to establish his record at the head of this ministry that would explode at the last minute for Jean-Michel Blanquer, who a priori was better placed in the list of Emmanuel Macron, World. In four months, he seems to have managed to hear a united left, especially in the name of the defense of liberties. It seems he can no longer get such strong support from the Head of State, who asked for a rewrite of Article 24 and gave an interview to the video magazine Brut, where journalist Rémi Buisine was a victim of police violence. Paris, November 23rd.

But is the Home Secretary solely responsible for the current mess? “No”, replies the MoDem deputy chief, and goes online to help him.

“Gérald Darmanin is part of the problem. But all the situations were co-produced.”

Patrick Mignola, chairman of the MoDem group in the National Assembly


“In the modem, of course, we were at the center of the ‘global security’ law and especially Article 24. But 60% of the group voted in favor of it, even more so as not to send counter-messages to the police. Than for anything else.” forms the selected Savoy.

“Gérald Darmanin is strong, constant. The police are sensitive to the minister who won’t let him go,” The main deputy of La République en March, Stanislas Guerini, defends who does the work, without hiding his desire to overcome it. “to another sequence”.

“I think if we don’t join forces at such a difficult time, it would be suicidal, especially before the text on ‘separatism’, which is an important text.”

Stanislas Guerini, General Representative of LREM


That’s good: Gérald Darmanin is already showing his activism with a new text, a new name “a law that unites republican principles “. The interior minister announced on Twitter that he would launch on Wednesday, December 2nd “next days”, of a “Massive and unprecedented action against separatism” purpose “76 mosques”. These “76 mosques suspected of separatism will be monitored in the coming days and will have to close.”

One sequence follows another. Nicolasinf Sarkozy’s former adviser to the Elysee Palace was contacted by franceinfo. “Gérald Darmanin is the image of what politics is today, a matter of attitude”. The same, a well-known police officer, has warned that in terms of deadlines, 18 months before the next presidential election, it is difficult to replace Gérald Darmanin, who has already served five years as Interior Minister Gérard Collomb.

“Given the schedule, it would be inappropriate to leave now, it would be a failure to maneuver at the last minute. For Emmanuel Macron, it would be a dangerous acceptance of failure in terms of image and consistency.”

Former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy’s Elysee Palace


According to Rémi Lefebvre, we should not be wrong in our goal, more than the recent media claims and pressures: “This controversy marks Macron’s supposed turning point in security, that’s the goal. Gérald Darmanin remains active and Emmanuel Macron doesn’t want to remove him.”

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