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Glitter, the flop of Mariah Carey's career, was successful after 17 years


It was a damn chapter of the American Diva's record: released on September 11, 2001, it was an endless success, thanks to the mobilization of the fans of the singer-songwriter.

What would Mariah Carey do without his "lambs" nickname to his admirers? In any case, without their final mobilization, album glitter, Released in 2001, would be a huge blow to the singer's career. Mariah Carey's enthusiasts have always strived to continue defending the interests of the idol by organizing a campaign on social media that has not made any effort to recover the wicked album blouse. Key, unexpected commercial success, synonymous with the meteoric rise of sales classification.

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With this mobility, glitter In the last sixteen years he has achieved the best sales level and has entered into the final rankings of the most popular titles in Billboard. Fourth position in the second week. The album also gives a luxurious truster to R & B-Hip-Hop album sales on November 24. United States also got top spots in the iTunes ranking last week.

This success is spectacular glitter it remotely returns. In 2001, she thought that Mariah Carey's career was over, as she said Rolling Stone . The soundtrack of the same name, the album was featured in the premiere of the premiere at the premiere. On the 21st of August, they released a record that was arrested on September 11, 2001 for the treatment of the bipolar disorder.

Motto: #JusticeForGlitter

Seventeen years later, the social media fan of pop star resigned on his eighth single album. Behind Lizkarra #JusticeForGlitter (justice for glitter), "lambs" have joined together in addition to showing this album, the jury is making its release and it is available in Spotify. The music play area has not been filled in yet. On the other hand, the album got unprecedented visibility.

Fortunately, Mariah Carey thanked her fans for their mobilization on November 15th.

Too late notoriety glitter While the twelfth studio album has just been released, deposit, honored with rave reviews. Double gift when Christmas is approaching I want everything for Christmas!

Loverboy, a title glitter Scent of the year 2000

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