Sunday , December 5 2021

immunity would be strong … for 6 months



  • Three studies have shown that the immune response does not last more than 6 months.
  • The severity of the infection and the number of symptoms are important for our immunity to the virus.
  • About 90% of patients develop an immune response with Covid-19 after infection.

Do I have immunity to Covid-19 after a first infection? This question continues to feed research around the world. Three new papers on the subject have just been published and after a first infection, most patients are assured that they are developing humoral immunity, which they will protect at least in the coming months. This immune response is related to the severity of the disease. The more serious a person is, the more serious the response.

90% of those infected with antibodies

The first study was conducted by Icelandic researchers and the results were published in the 1styes In September New England Journal of Medicine. The researchers found that nine out of ten people (91.1%) develop specific antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. In this population, the level of antibodies increases in the first two months after infection and is maintained continuously for at least four months after infection. In addition, the highest level of antibodies was found in elderly and hospital patients. To obtain these results, the researchers looked at the immune responses of 30,000 patients, including 1,237 people who recovered from Covid-19, 4,222 cases who were quarantined, and 23,452 people who were not exposed to the virus.

A second study by U.S. researchers found similar results. Published on October 28 in the review Science, shows that 90% of infected people develop antibodies, which remain intact for five months after infection. To obtain these results, the researchers compared 30,000 people who tested positive for Covid-19 with 40,000 people who were not infected with the virus.

The limited duration of the immune response explains infectious waves

A third study, this time by the British, suggests that the strength of the immune response is proportional to the severity of the infection. In the results published on November 2nd British Medical Journal, the researchers believe, that this immune response can stay in the body of infected people for 6 months. The researchers looked at 2,000 volunteers, 100 of whom tested positive for Covid-19.

Based on these results, the immune response is related to the severity of the infection. The growing importance of the elderly and those who have developed and hospitalized severe forms show that the severity of the infection and the nature of the symptoms play a role in the manufacture of our immunity to the virus. .

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