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In front of the mayors, Macron changes tone and shape


Fifty-five minutes later: the reception ceremony to be considered before the elected officials was wrong. In 2000, more than 2,000 mayors met on Wednesday in Elysée, at the invitation of Emmanuel Macron, in the Elysée hall, to solve his image with defiant officials. Delayed "Good talk" Together with the main leaders of the French Association of Mayors (AMF), the head of the National Court recognized their elected officials. Smiles and respect multiply and exit ready "Irrigation through territorial experience".

In summary, in the presidential speech, they talked with the mayor and made a long answer. Should the Territorial Cohesion Agency install the region in the future? "Good idea"the President smiled. Do you recover some intercommunity, it is for the big mayor? "We can improve things, there are too many" intercoses ", a bit shaking." Water problem in a small town? "The minister will approach you if you want to give your file".

Officers elected by the courts attacked the order of the state "Intransigence" guilty: "Anarchy, demagogy and the end of the Republic are the day when they do not defend official elections". However "Verticality" Sometimes they are guilty of the Macron method: "We need to define the solutions more closely together"host consensus Who has ordered this year, not as the Court Convention, to appoint an appointment next year.

"Real Populists"

"What you tell today is not to satisfy you automatically, […] but this should apply in any case "He was summoned in November 2017 before the assembly of the mayor. Martialas evacuated one year later.

In a critical fiftieth phase, Emmanuel Macron wanted to join the elected officials. now "We need to change our method, that is, I wanted to start tonight and we will continue in the next few months."He explained to his guests a smiling and fake Macron. "Those who are afraid of a room think they do not know it, but saying that the free argument is more than twenty minutes, you can not answer." he concluded with the intention of renewing his experience "In each region". Meanwhile, Edouard Philippe is Prime Minister, who will speak on Thursday at the General Assembly of the AMF.

The need for the State was urgently a promise of the "new beginning" of relations between state and community. Reduction of housing tax, subsidized employment cuts, gasoline taxes, social cost support for departments, at 80 km / h, according to the budget effort required by the communities. They have accumulated from the beginning of the five years. These processes have fueled the image of a macronistic city and a technocrat, to exclude "peripheral France" from reality and to "sacrifice to local" freedoms until the end. .

On the other hand, the government has tried to avoid AMF, based on the small organizations of civil servants selected. He also wanted to push an agreement between the mayor and the AMF to denounce the other partial reasons given by François Baroin: Nicolas Sarkozy's Prime Minister, LR Troyes, in the next presidential election. However, the executive has decided to change the method in this autumn, recognizing the need to tighten links with the territories.

"Morbid fascination »

Elysian reception, Wednesday night, will not clear all this responsibility. But extending the exchanges until late afternoon, the General State has focused on these selected candidates. Without new announcements: reflection is still taking place in the interest of the communities, a comprehensive reform of local taxes, which will help the mayor to compensate for the disappearance of the housing tax in the future and their details. In the first half of 2019 "I do not have taboo" But due to the possible renewal of the general rules of the general paid-in operation of the local authorities, he said.

In the "yellow vest" movement, finally, Emmanuel Macron repeated it "Listen to anger". but "I can not hear stereo for those who want less children, but without changing anything and without moving"said the head of state. "Intellectuals" and journalists have allegedly criticized them "Only look at the anger that looks like a fascinating line". But even taking it "The part of the responsibility: I did not change things quickly, I did not have the light I wanted to take." The Lehendakari admitted. The choice of a double message of elected officials and ministers: "You do not have the monopoly of cries and doubts. But I think that the same wood is made: I do not give up any."

Dominique Albertini

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