Tuesday , March 21 2023

Jacques Brunel: "Rugby must fight against homophobia" – Rugby


Three quarters vary "Regardless of the fact that it was received by all the nations, I think that racism should accept this." Brunel announced the composition of the anti-Fiji team. "We will show complete disagreement with these behaviors", asked Brunel, to say they were French "First" To answer Thomas's call.

The 100-year-old Welsh team and Gareth Thomas, 44 British and Irish lion team twice announced on Sunday that the Cardiff attack was homophobic in a video. he expects "Positive". Belts appear on the face and cranial left. Gareth Thomas retired in 2011 and has campaigned for homosexual rights.

When Homosexuality was approved by rugby, in spring, Australia's Israel Folau shook the federation when homosexuals decided to go to "hell". David Pocock, a gay marriage entrepreneur, said he was going to the back but did not stop playing.

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