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LIVE – Daval’s trial: Jonathann Daval knelt down reading an autopsy report


“Daval, series”: sections 1 and 2 can be played on the boxes and on

Following the opening trial of Jonathann Daval, BFMTV aired the first two episodes on Monday evening his original documentary series in this case: you can already review it Section 1 and Section 2 in the box office and on’s replay, as well as in podcast format.

Section 3 dedicated to Jonathann Daval’s confession will be recounted by attorney Randall Schwerdorffer. Section 4 about the confrontation between the accused and his ex-brothers-in-law is told by Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother. You can find them this Tuesday evening at 9pm on BFMTV and

"Daval, series" can be played on the boxes and on the website.
“Daval, the series” can be played on the boxes and on the website. © BFMTV

The thesis of a post-death rape was raised again

Lawyers for civil parties trying to defend the rape hypothesis after Alexia Daval’s death asked the forensic doctor to find out if the absence of a vaginal injury was “incompatible with admission”. The expert believed that it was “under no circumstances” and that in most cases of sexual violence the victim did not present an injury.

He answered questions that annoyed the defense. “Do we have evidence of a post mortem report?” Randall Schwerdorffer asked me.

“Apart from the lack of evidence of this, I also have no positive arguments stating that this report has occurred,” the medical examiner replied.

The expert also noted that the presence of sperm on the body or in Alexia Daval’s clothing was not “abnormal” if she had sex three days before the murder, Jonathann Daval says.

The hypothesis of post-death rape sparked intense exchanges yesterday. This happens again on this second hearing day.

Conclusions of the autopsy report

“We found these injuries to be particularly violent,” the forensic pathologist concluded after reading the autopsy report.

During the reading, the expert described the numerous and violent blows to the face given to Alexia Daval’s body. His body also shows traces of fighting on the ground or the effects of violent treatment.

In front of the experts, it also appeared that Alexia Daval’s body had been dragged to the ground. The findings of the forensic pathologist indicate a death caused by suffocation.

The expert however denied that the victim had been sexually abused.

Jonathann Daval fell after reading the autopsy report

Heading down first, Jonathann Daval covered his ears when the forensic pathologist read the autopsy report, and especially expert Alexia Daval’s genitals.

The accused then prostrated himself, standing on a ball in his bench.

Alexia’s parents leave the room

The hearing opened with a hearing by a forensic pathologist who performed an autopsy on Alexia Daval.

After the victim’s parents got up and left the courtroom after reading the autopsy report, it was unbearable for them. Jonathann Daval heard him, head down, expert. When the latter mentioned the burns that Alexia Daval presented to her genitals, the defendant blocked her ears.

During the investigation, Jonathan Daval denied that he had initially set his wife’s body on fire.

Hearing begins again

The hearing resumed in Vesoul court on the second day of the trial. Jonathann Daval, dressed in a gray sweater and jeans, took his place in the box as they waved to greet his family members as they entered the room.

A morning dedicated to listening to experts

Ahead of the confrontation between Jonathann Daval and his ex-brothers-in-law, he will focus on hearing experts on Tuesday morning, including the most forensic who autopsied Alexia Fouillot’s body.

The possibility of the civil parties spreading the thesis for several days in the media and the opportunity to continue spreading it to the jury from Monday: according to them, Jonathann Daval wanted to poison his wife by administering to her, for a long time. periodically and unintentionally, medications. They argue that he was also raped after his death.

“Daval, the series”: BFMTV’s documentary series continues this Tuesday afternoon

Following the opening of the trial against Jonathann Daval, BFMTV aired on Monday evening the first two episodes of the unprecedented documentary series on this case: you can already watch episode 1 and episode 2. In the replay of, as well as in podcast format.

Section 3 dedicated to Jonathann Daval’s confession will be recounted by attorney Randall Schwerdorffer. Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother, will tell part 4 about the confrontation between the accused and her ex-brothers-in-law. You can find them this Tuesday evening at 9pm on BFMTV and

Very busy day

Often on the verge of tears, Jonathann Daval, who multiplied versions during the investigation, allegedly killed his wife Alexia Fouillot again this Monday. Asked by the president of the Assize Court, he said he was “the only one involved” in the death of his wife, as his body was found burned at some point.

This first day was also an opportunity for civil parties to put their views on the table. Me Gilles-Jean Portejoie Alexia Fouillot’s family counselor stressed that Jonathann Daval’s sperm were found in his victim’s shorts, panties and vagina. “I think there was sex after Alexia’s death”, said the former president of Clermont-Ferrand.

Later that day, photos of Alexia Fouillot’s remains were paraded across the court screen. The victim’s parents and sisters preferred to leave the place so as not to endure these horrific images. Jonathann Daval, bending over his head, has his eyes on the ground.

“Why all this horror?”: Alexia Fouillot’s mother wants to ask Jonathan Daval

This Monday afternoon, at the end of the first of five days of this extraordinary trial, Alexia Fouillot’s parents have already announced their 36-year-old son-in-law and a desire to challenge him. ‘they have long considered him a son.

“I’m going to ask him questions, I’m going to ask him why, why all this atrocity?” Isabelle Fouillot said on the steps of the Vesoul courthouse after a very trying first day.

Jonathann Daval to confront his former brothers-in-law

Hello everyone and welcome to this live news dedicated to the trial of Jonathann Daval for the death of his wife Alexia Fouillot, who was tried before the Haute-Saône jury, who was found dead on October 30, 2017 in a forest near Gray’s wedding home. City (Haute-Saône).

This Tuesday’s hearing promises that he will try again in front of the victim’s family: Jonathann Daval Isabelle and his brother-in-law Jean-Pierre Fouillot will be confronted, deciding to ask “why so horrible”. They should be heard from 4 p.m., depending on the listening schedule.

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