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Some collective sections have been very successful


Marseille – Total Total sites were damaged by a Thursday strike involving CGT call and traded trades, in some cases when "yellow vest" locks were added when the sources were matched.

"Normandy, Grandpuits and Donges refineries are being blocked because of the social movement linked to compulsory annual negotiations."A spokesman said.

"La Mède's biorefinery store is also concerned"he added.

According to the sources of trade unions, Bouches-du-Rhone stopped at the strike strikes, through the CGT call, for a number of staff strikers in the roundabout platform, Total, already locked "yellow vest".

According to Fabien Crosen, the CGT elected, a 24-hour strike, was renewed 87% of workers posted on Thursday morning. "Branch branch sales negotiations have been opened today. There is a day of mobilization on every site that looks for threats of cuts"said AFP.

"Petroleum products do not penetrate or leave"It said, some 150 CGT strikers brushes were distributed at the roundabout site where fifty"yellow vest"For several days they have installed a filter dam.

However, the CGT is prohibited from entering the yellow jacket, even if the purchasing power is the same. "We do not fight, everything is against Macron. It gets in completely"said the CGT striker on the site, by contacting the telephone.

Feyzin (Rhône) findegian, Michel Lavastrou, CGT delegate, "Tuesdays to Thursdays and 10 nights per night, especially on the balance of advances in the branch".

"65% of the change workers (involved in production) are currently in the process. Impact on production is limited since the movement started 48 hours before"he said.

Thirty vests were still sent on Friday morning at the roundabout, near the delivery area, and filtered through truck transfers, according to the refiner's staff.

The unions and the UFIP (the Union of Union of Petroleum Industries Union Union for the New Year's Negotiation Negotiations) (NAO) began in Paris in the morning and must continue in the afternoon. Unions have a 2% and 2.5% increase in the wage network.

"The employers for a moment propose + 1% is not enough"said Laurent Grizon, CFE-CGC Petroleum President, before the first union of the oil industry before CFDT (2nd) and CGT (3rd).

"It is in the negotiation"said a UFIP spokeswoman, without giving any specific figures.

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