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Soon a fixed number of life

One of the two movements causes a fixed number change, according to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Arcep). That is, reporting 3.6 million people a year on the change of coordinates or printing new business cards … and a little effort to memorize those newly-created people.

Soon, it will allow you to save your fixed line, on the account of the section you move anywhere. Since these numbers are now called "geographic", prefixes vary according to their place of residence. For recipients living in Ile-de-France with "01", "02" in the Northwest region, "03" Northeast … … and the following figures are defined by 412 basic number fields. Moving to other cities will therefore result in the loss of a fixed number and assigning a new correspondent for the new home field.

The company will also be beneficial

Arce has just opened the public consultation Parisianto restore attribution rules. This is to configure portability, which is already the case for mobile numbers. After subscribing a number, the subscriber can decide to maintain it, regardless of its operator and his or her place of residence.

The telecommunications regulator wants to start this project in two phases. As of January 1, 2020, operators may choose to save their number from subscribers when their prefix moves. For example, a client with number 1 will have the chance to keep whatever city moves to Ile-de-France.

Three years later, 1st In January 2023, geographic boundaries disappear completely. A client who lives in Normandy will get the first number "02". To move to Marsella or Bordeaux later, he will save it. This flexibility can also affect your business. The changes in these coordinates may be very punished.

Arcep wants to take advantage of this discount to experiment with a number authentication mechanism; This must be backed up by subscribers against the usurpation of common contact companies in the home phone business owners.

The portability of fixed numbers, however, can create additional separation points to separate the pairs. After negotiations with the dog or game console, those who still hold the phone number agree.

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