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three pardons of the suspects, a privileged family route


On August 23, at the beginning of the day, when Vincent Calvez moved to Quimper, he shot several times before the house of Plonévez-du-Faou., Finistère-n. A shock in This village of Ploherwas borncivilization mobilizationand nearly 70 gendarmes, then he emphasized Telegram.

Several weeks later, research seems to achieve the goal: there were three people in the context of this palliative file. This is his wife, who divorced him, the new friend of this and his partner, and runs a construction company with him.

The lugger paid 7,500 euros

Chronology of events presented Local authorities are worthy of a black crime. The associate paid 7,500 euros to kill the bakery. At first, he shot twice with sawed-off cannon, and touched his new friend, seriously injured.

Then, using a gun, he absorbed two bullets on his head. For the researchers, the plan's followers and potential testers intended to touch the property of the deceased, and still married to him, including his house,

Three suspect arrests

Regarding the tension situation between both spouses, the researchers went to the first woman's house and shared it with her new friend. In it, officers realize that the last vehicle is hot. The first suspicions, confirmed by a scene, were that the shooter had the car's head, similar to the suspect.

"Everything was carefully worked out and prepared, the accomplices that communicated with the walkie-talkies, they chose weapons and examined the customs of the victims," ​​said the authorities. During their arrests, three suspects were "constitutional".

Three of these three were awaiting trial in three prisons.

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