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Will you be back in 2019 in 2019?


Arlesian is a bit of a telecommunications sector: four or three players pass. That is, Stéphane Richard, Managing Director of Orange, in a few months: "I am convinced that the size of the French market and the importance of investments in the coming years, optical fiber-forming and 5G, complicate the viability of four operators.

Ramon Fernandez, reaffirmed by the General Financial Director, at the last speech organized by Morgan Stanley in Barcelona. "She thinks she has a window for shooting in the first half of 2019."

However, considering the weight of the market, it is impossible for the operator to make a purchase. "We will not be a leader, because it is powerful. But it could be easier because it would be good for us," he added.

In low equation "low price" to take a colossal investment, everyone seems to agree. But nobody wants to eat it from the other.

It is noteworthy that the weaknesses did not change due to the quarter of each business and its commercial policy publication. After launching Free Mobile, in 2012, Bouygues Telecom had the weakest explosion and rumors of SFR.

Mobile Yalta

But Martin Bouygues has recovered thanks to aggressive commercial policy. SFR then found the crucifixes at the Bouygues viewpoint after massive customer injuries. But without results.

At present, SFR has created a window (in procurement) and Freea loses the fixed and mobile devices. The Xabier Niel group has often been a possible transition to a possible concentration of competition (respecting the competition rules), but some have the intention of leaving Xabier Niel with the idea (leaving some of them) to exit the capital. Most of them.

The situation seems to be completely blocked, Arcel, the telecommunications regulator, is not really a three-way return.

In an interview last September in the Tribune, he said: "The managing director of Orange recently" was inevitable "was strengthening the French market, I do not agree with him, but the structure can work four times: it's impossible, the market is a price war. They are the operators that have chosen it … It is their decision, it is also surprising: this price war is not a bad link to boost a single merger. "

And continue: "Today, only to set some eyes … Now a good figure to discuss is not three or four, but five, like 5G!"

With regard to industry experts, the sector is a logical concentration. "There are more than a dozen operators in the United States, 159 euros. In France, the normal competition avoids imposing administrative laws of the dissimetimetry of the sector."

In the end, the competition is not the number of actors but because of the local dynamics. For example, there are only two major aircraft manufacturers in the world and competition is difficult. When the sector is composed of many actors, there are risks of understanding. Like mobile operators, sentenced in 2005 to 534 million euros (the famous Yalta mobile), at the request of the Competition Authority.

As regards the price-related experts, the concentration is not necessarily a rhyme to recover. On the other hand, it may be too low if there is a merger between two actors. "Prices can be reduced by the economy of the lever of the scale, which means that mergers have the advantage of reducing costs and maintaining competitive competition, and the competition authorities have a healthy competition to ensure price transparency."

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