Wednesday , January 26 2022

Yvelines: A 10-year-old man, between life and death, after an apartment fire


This Sunday morning, the facade of the three-story building has black stigmas of a painful night. A fire broke out in this building in the Bougimonts district of Les Mureaux (Yvelines), completely destroying an apartment. Much more seriously, two children aged 10 and 12 who were there were seriously injured. A 10-year-old girl, burnt all over her body and intoxicated, is this Sunday between life and death. His brother, who jumped out of the window, was shot in the leg.

“What’s going on with this mom is awesome”

Investigators were there on Sunday morning to conduct the investigation. “It is a single-parent family that takes up this accommodation, the mother works at night,” explained a source close to the case. “We’re down, we feel a lot of pain,” one city official explained. This nurse who is a nurse is highly valued, involved in community life and her two children do activities at our leisure centers. Moreover, today, due to the Covid epidemic, he places his work at the forefront. “

Firefighters were also present to clean the home. Burnt furniture was placed at the foot of the building. “As the emergency sirens woke me up, I looked outside and saw smoke from the windows of an apartment there,” a neighbor said. A local resident says he is “upset”. “I think of this mother who is only growing up with her two children, what is happening to her is horrible,” she admits with emotion.

The boy jumps on a mattress placed on the sidewalk by the neighbors

The incident began around 4:25 a.m. for an unspecified reason. Smoke flooded the house, so the 12-year-old boy jumped out of the window onto a mattress placed on the sidewalk before residents arrived for help. But his fall wasn’t properly tightened by that canvas and he hit his legs and back. “One of the people he received was also injured,” one investigator said.

Firefighters used two pump cars and two large ladders to fight the flames. Upon entering the burnt inn, rescuers found a 10-year-old child, badly burned. The small victim, unconscious and poisoned by smoke, was treated by medical teams from Samu 78, who was intubated and then stabilized before being taken to Armand-Trousseau Hospital in Paris (12th) with an unavoidable prognosis. concerned. His brother, meanwhile, was taken to the center of Poissy Hospital.

In an emergency inside the home, a firefighter was injured when he fell headlong into the ceiling. This Sunday, police conducted investigations throughout the day to determine the exact origin of the fire.

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