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Black Friday 2020: Black Friday are the best-sellers. Examine the surprises in detail


What products encourage Germans in particular to buy on Black Friday 2020? An investigation has revealed Black Friday’s bestseller – an astonishing detail.

  • Am 27. November 2020 doa Black Friday to the next round.
  • A examination now which shows which Products the Germans turned on Black Friday they are particularly popular.
  • A clearer one is created Tendency to do Black Friday 2020 tik.

Kassel – The bargain hunt is about to begin. The Black Friday 2020 It’s about finding the best deals for consumers again. Big business for sellers. Close 3.1 billion euros be consumers on the weekend 2019 Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday in Germany among the leaves.

This means an increase of 29.17 percent compared to 2018. In 2020, a further increase in spending is expected on Black Friday, despite the crown pandemic *.

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Black Friday Bestsellers: Electronic products are in demand more than ever

Above all Amazon awaits with plenty of offers during “Cyber ​​Week”. However, not all offers on Amazon and Co are worth Black Friday. Bargain hunters often have to be wary of price traps on Black Friday.

Providers often provide it Recommended retail price (PVR) of the manufacturer. In many online stores the real market value, however, is below the RRP – a huge reduction in prices is suggested, but it does not exist. Twitter users approach this topic with a bit of humor and irony, as the following article shows:

However, consumers have permission Black Friday 2020 we expect a lot of real bargains. Above all Electronics demand it has increased tremendously in recent years, as it does now examination “mydealz” consumer forums. If you have Best seller for the 2018 and 2019 Black Friday weekend it deciphered and analyzed more than 14 million transactions in two years.

Best Selling Review on Black Friday: Smartphones, fashion and gaming consoles are popular

Tick examination shows, shown in the last two years Black Friday weekend every third consumer purchased online (34.65 percent) has an interest Electronic products. The main focus was on smartphones, TVs, notebooks, headphones and smart home products.

A trend can be seen here. While 24.04 percent of consumers in the Black Friday week of 2018 were looking for discounts on good electronics products, that interest rose to 30.68% the following year.

Billions arise in the “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday” discount struggles.

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Fashion and Gaming Articles: Black Friday 2020 Bestsellers

The 2018 and 2019 Black Friday weekend bestsellers are in second and third place Fashion and accessories (15.68 percent) as well Video games and game consoles (13.67 percent). Here, too, a trend is emerging. While Black Friday in 2018 was 17.35 percent of consumers interested in fashion, it dropped to 11.91 percent in 2019.

The gaming products team had a similar decline. In 2018, 16.87% of consumers were interested in video game and game consoles, compared to only 9.32 percent in 2019. That interest could be in 2020 Release Playstation 5 however climbed again.

Black Friday Exam Shows Interest in Furniture and Household Matters – A Surprising Detail

And the rest? According to examination They were interested in “mydealz” Black Friday weekend after all, 6.4% consumer For Furniture and household items. It remains in fifth place in the Black Friday bestseller rankings Food with 3.22 percent.

The top ten include cosmetics and medicines (sixth place, 3.05 percent), toys (seventh place, 3.01 percent), travel (eighth place, 2.97%), sports, and outdoor products (place). nine, 2.39 percent), as well as DSL and mobile phone contracts (tenth place, 2.13 percent).

Best seller review on Black Friday: the results of the toys impressed

Above all, that’s amazing The result of toysIt actually sells best before Christmas. In particular, Playmobil products have been on Amazon in recent years Black Friday this week to some extent it is rapidly reduced.

But: Here the trend is clear upwards. The examination It shows 2.75% consumer is interested in toys for Black Friday week 2018, compared to 3.7% in 2019. It remains to be seen whether this trend will be confirmed in 2020 as well.

The infographic of Black Friday sales clearly shows that electronic products are very popular among Germans.

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Black Friday 2020: Bestsellers are expected

What stops Bestsellers on 2018 and 2019 Black Friday The study includes leisure and events (eleventh place, 2.1 percent), financial products (twelfth place, 1.81 percent), garden products (13th place, 0.84 percent), streaming services such as Netflix (14 percent) 0.77 percent) and accessories for cars and motorcycles (15th place, 0.51 percent). 6.79% of other consumers are diverse.

Conclusion: Even turned on Black Friday 2020 has great interest Electronic products was expected. It’s not in vain that Amazon always attracts offers for home entertainment such as Amazon Echo, Fire TV or Kindle tablets in the movie “Cyber ​​Week”. The time has come for November 27, 2020. Then there is the Black Friday Whistle game. (Nico check) * is part of Ippen’s national digital publishing network.

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