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FC Bayern: Hansi Flick hard – “Then I have no place in Bayern”


Hansi Flick has looked at his turbulent season in the FC Bayern club magazine. He explains his philosophy – and is particularly clear at one point.

  • Hansi Flick has two FC Bayern he soon achieved the status of a legend in a short time.
  • After a triple win, he can look back on an eventful year.
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Munich – The landscape is reminiscent of Christmas, even when it happened in the summer. Light Luz stadium it was outside, but four images could be seen in the distance in the central circle of the Lisbon area. They sat surrounded by bright confetti. You couldn’t hear anything, but this picture said more than a thousand words anyway. Joshua Kimmich, David Alaba, Serge Gnabry and Hansi Flick he has tacitly enjoyed a triple victory for FC Bayern. For the Bayern coach, “one of my personal moments in 2020.”

Flick fondly remembers that magical night that is logical, as he crowned his success story after less than a year in office. The 55-year-old, however, is also using the ending year – and so tiring – as an opportunity to make a broader summary. He examines what he has achieved so far in the club’s 51st magazine, but says: “If I’m not ready for the extra parameters forever, then I have no place in Bavaria.”

FC Bayern and coach Hansi Flick: the perfect pair at the perfect moment.

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Flick’s first game against Dortmund: a brave line-up and a 4-0 win

These words are not meant to be threatening in any way, Flick is happy with his professionals, he has no “worries” after a triple season of lack of motivation. But he wants to point out that Bayern “don’t need players who only sell at the height they need to jump.” Every day is his willingness to master everything to success The DNA of this club. He lives. It is not in vain that Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is praised: “I would call this style we play today FC Bayern style.” He’s suffered a bit in recent years, but he’s been back since Flick took office. .

It’s about “knowing exactly where you are” that professionals appreciate about their coach. This is what Thomas Müller says, as he described Flick as brave from day one, still as a temporary coach. Flick also remembered his first match in the Bundesliga, where he had to play against BVB. He opted for an attacking squad – and when asked if his players were possible, he replied, “Yes, we can!” The match ended 4-0.

Under FC Bayern: Never adapt to your opponent, always do your thing

Flick knows what he wants, for him ”this question needs to be asked Play safe to go, in fact, never ask ”. As Müller puts it, “he never stops thinking outside the box.” The focus is always on “the view that FC Bayern needs clear DNA”. Flick describes it as “the possession of the ball, dominating, attacking goals.” As a player, he said: “The main thing is to win! FC Bayern have always defined themselves through success, but the way to win today is part of that.” Bayern doesn’t fit in with Flick’s opponent, but he does the same.

Although Flick says he supports football “never be dogmatic“He has clear ideas and is responsible for that. It’s considered a controversial spirit, but people on the upper floors of Säbener Straße say: That’s why he’s changed from a temporary coach to a head coach, and he should be for a long time. He has yet to moderate the real crisis, even though he knows that “you grow up in difficult times in the sport.”

If it matches in 2021, it would be ready. He has the confidence of his superiors. “Hansi is a gift for FC Bayern”says Rummenigg. That really fits in with Christmas. – Hanna Raif

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