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Germany and Ukraine: Four stars tested positive on Saturday – canceled match against Switzerland


After winning against Ukraine, Bayern star Leroy Sané is thinking about the Corona case. Joachim Löw sees the reason for the criticism, Leon Goretzka explains his remarkable move. Votes for the international match.

  • League of Nations: German national football team* has won Ukraine and is therefore the leader of the 4th group table.
  • There were several before the international match Crown* -Cases to the opponent. Leroy Sané tik FC Bayern* will be in ZDF-Serious conversation after the match, National coach Joachim Löw* has a lot to complain about.
  • The be right to win DFB-Groups*.

Update from November 17 at 6:39 p.m .: Positive tests on the chaos around Ukraine and the crown before the start of the League of Nations matches. Following the cancellation of the match against Switzerland on Tuesday, UEFA decided that the match would not be rescheduled.

Neither Tuesday nor Wednesday will be able to offer a team capable of playing for Ukraine. The UEFA Disciplinary Committee will decide the score of the duel.

Germany and Ukraine: Four stars tested positive on Saturday – canceled match against Switzerland

Update from November 17 at 4:30 p.m .: International match Switzerland and Ukraine has been canceled. Due to more cases of crowning the Ukrainian national team after playing against Germany, the League of Nations meeting is in Switzerland called has been. Three football professionals and an observer tested positive on Tuesday before the start of the match in Lucerne. 1: 3 defeat against Leipzig Germany Ruslan Malinovsky and Junior Morares were on the field on Saturday, as well as Yevgeni Makarenko and Eduard Sobol, who also tested positive the day before.

The Lucerne canton doctor sent the entire Ukrainian team around coach Andrei Shevchenko quarantine. Now the question is whether it will be played on another day or whether the Green Table will be decided in favor of the Confederates. It is also possible to draw lots. The decision is up to the European Football Union. UEFA explicitly called on the local health authorities to cancel it.

He had the national team on Monday Joachim Löw “surprised” by the positive results of the Ukrainians. After all, the tests the Ukrainians had before the game were negative, Löw said. “Our doctor has once again made sure we don’t have to be afraid,” the national coach said. The German team, meanwhile, was on Tuesday evening negative tested, so nothing interferes with the game against Spain.

Crown chaos in Ukraine after the German match

Update from November 16: The Crown-Chaos The DFB team continues to play against Ukraine, even though the match was two days ago. Now three other guests have tested positive for the virus, two of whom also took part in the action on Saturday in Leipzig.

Eduard Sobol, Yevhen Makarenko and Dmytro Riznyk they were classified as positive after “further investigation” on Sunday, the Ukrainian Football Association reported. Sobol played 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon as Makarenko scored in the 69th minute.

In DFB-PK On Monday, a shocked national coach said: “In the meantime I don’t know what happened to Ukraine,” he said. Joachim Löw: “We tried again yesterday and today. We’ve been very disciplined so far. ”On Tuesday, the League of Nations match between Ukraine and Switzerland is on the verge of taking place in Lucerne.

Germany and Ukraine: The Bayern star reacts seriously to the opponent around the crown cases

Munich / Leipzig – The result is correct: Germany He won 3: 1 (2: 1) Ukraine.

But National coach Joachim Löw he is not satisfied with everything. As Leroy Sané on Corona cases the new file entry is directed by the opponent FC Bayern Munich* urgent. Since Timo Werner Praised by a professional of the German Bundesliga champions *. We received voices ZDF in short.

Leroy Sané (Germany and FC Bayern): “You think about family”

… about the game: “It’s been pretty good today. Ukraine is ahead, which we could have avoided. But we came back, we didn’t stop, but we continued. There were simple mistakes, but they are part of it. It was important to get out of here positively. “

… About EM 2021: “We still have a long season ahead of us. We must first concentrate on Spain. And then I hope everyone is healthy and well prepared for EM. “

… about the cases of Ukraine’s crown opponents: “When you hear something like that, you think of yourself and your family. It is important that everyone is healthy. Uefa and the health department know what they are doing. ”

National coach Joachim Löw (Germany): “Leroy San will still need it”

… about the game: “It simply came to our notice then. Ukraine has players who are fast and dynamic on the counterattack. We had a lot of speed in the first half going forward in the game. We lost the ball in the second half which threw us back. And we didn’t have that much of a decision to move forward. “

… About his team for EM 2021: “Obviously, some players are missing. Toni Kroos didn’t play, Jo Kimmich is injured, Robin Gosens had to leave. But we were able to practice today. “

… about the attack on Serge Gnabry, Timo Werner and Leroy Sane: “We had a lot of speed and risk up front with all three. You kept your opponent busy. Timo Werner and Leroy Sané have come a long way and worked hard. Leroy San hasn’t played for a long time and will still have to do 100 percent of his competitive practice until he is done. “

… On tactics against Ukraine: “I hoped they weren’t going to attack from above, but that if they won the ball they would stop attacking and counterattacking. Ukraine’s idea is to applaud the striker in the middle. That’s why I wanted to block the crossings and take Robin Koch forward.”

… about the difficult state of the crown: “At the moment people are moving other things. It’s not an easy situation. So far we’ve done everything, we pay attention and we’re disciplined. We can’t cancel a game on our own initiative. As a coach, I’m happy because there are games. Our rules we have them and we are constantly fulfilling them all. “

Leon Goretzka (Germany and FC Bayern): “I can finally play Leroy again”

… about the game: “It was a very difficult game, a deep ground, a very good team in terms of the game. In the current situation, he is the only one who earns support. That’s why it was a successful evening. ”

… with the help of Leroy Sane: “I can finally play with Leroy again, I already know him very well. For the first time (a chance to score, d. Red.) we were completely screwed up, so it’s nice to have it run a second time. “

… about Timo Werner’s scissors: “Of course sometimes you shoot like that. Now it was a template. I can’t get anywhere else. “

… about the threat to cancel the international match as a result of the Crown: “Yeah. He was on the edge. If you think about it. Manu (Neuer) said the probability was going to be 60:40.”

Timo Werner (Germany and Chelsea): “It’s difficult because of the tight schedule”

… about his first goal and that presented by Leon Goretzka: “My goal was very simple. It was a very, very good way to throw the ball down, process it and bring it in the middle. “

… about the selection: “We always played every game with another lineup. The tight schedule makes it difficult because someone breaks down from time to time. It looks very good on the front. We are also increasingly safe in the background, even though one message or another has saved us today. “(Pm) * is part of the Ippen digital publishing network throughout Germany

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