Wednesday , December 8 2021

Jogi Löw is angry after the DFB team’s 0: 6 accident in Spain


UMesut Özil also spoke. The 2014 world champion, who voluntarily retired from the German national football team at the 2018 World Cup and the Erdogan photo affair, had something to say to the national coach. “It’s time to bring Jérôme Boateng back,” Özil tweeted on Tuesday evening, after his thunderous departure, adorned with serious accusations, he escaped a clear conversation with Joachim Löw. And now he was remotely advising on employee policy.

Tobias Rabe

Tobias Rabe

Head of Sport Online Editor.

The national coach was on the verge of finding an explanation at a virtual press conference at the Seville stadium, the second German footballer to be more than 14 years old, when he was the first man in the most important team of the German Football Association (DFB). With 0: 6 goals, the team went down in the Nations League game in Spain. Löw tried to explain. The national coach was clear. “It was a black day. We didn’t have any success in the afternoon. That is why we are so disappointed and angry. It didn’t work at all, ”he said, describing what was too obvious to everyone.

The goals were scored by Álvaro Morata (17th minute), Ferrán Torres (33rd, 55th and 71st), Rodrigo (38th) and Mikel Oyarzabal (89th), so much so that DFB-Elf was almost impossible. think Corona in this tumultuous year. After testing 1-0 against the Czech Republic, Löw paved the way for him to start playing in the European Championship next year. A week later he faces a team mess. “It simply came to our notice then. We suffered a terrible failure that had not been there for so long. That’s bitter, ”Löw said at La Cartuja Estadio Olímpico.

There are still 209 days left to play in the first team match of the European Championship in Munich, against the French world champion. In this situation it seems impossible to achieve “minimum semi-final goals”. “After the last few games and we thought we were one step further this year, it was generally difficult,” said Löwek, who resigned most of the match and sat in his seat. “We suffered a real setback. We need to see how we deal with him in coaching jobs. Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to work with the players, train or play a game, ”he said.

After returning to Germany this Wednesday, the players will return to the clubs. Löw will meet again in March, when three games in a row will be scheduled to qualify for the Qatar 2022 Winter World Championships. And at the next meeting in May, preparations for the European Championship will begin with players who are probably completely tired, after a crowning season like never before. There will probably be two games before the tournament, that’s all. There is little time to deal with many deficiencies intensively.

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