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Lidl shows off a new Christmas ad: Time slips badly against competitor – “Very great”

The Crown will ensure different types of Christmas in 2020. That’s why Lidl wants to bring its Christmas fair home to its customers. In a new video clip, the competitor Aldi removes the fat.

  • Lidl * has posted a new promotional video on Instagram.
  • In the video, the giant encounter takes on a competitor Aldi amusing.
  • It is celebrated by users Christmas campaign and you totally want to have an item: “You can buy it, Lidl, right?”

Neckarsulm – Story: Head of Marketing Lidl – a handsome guy, a happy family man, a three-day beard – he is the hero of the shorts Ad places. He initially announced it to his staff Lidl headquarters “Neckarsulm Downtown”to this “special” Christmas it wants to offer its customers everything, “so that they can feel the Christmas fair directly in their homes.” The German Christmas markets because of Coronavirus pandemic closed overall this year’s love festival is very different than ever. This is why his brilliant idea is so remarkable “Lidl – Your Christmas Market” slogan start.

It’s an idea that can serve, so those who envy it will wind up faster than they do The main of the campaign it is dear. A white limousine fits in front of one Lidl-Branch – and Beard he personally confronts her. The heart seems warm and unkind: the black leather coats and glass cups hold the rest in their hands and embarrass the Lidl manager. a tidy one. Coming out of the meeting, he informed the staff the next day, “Santa Claus doesn’t want Lidl to move forward with the Christmas campaign,” but of course no one believes this absurd story.

Lid makes fun of competitor Aldi during the Christmas campaign

Then the results are serious and quick, the campaign officials say it goes deeper and deeper into the underground of Christmas machines. The guy in the white limousine is shy and probably said it’s Santa Claus, that’s all the real Santa Claus he makes it clear: “This is just my brother.” But even the original doesn’t make an impression this year Christmas to save – is lying behind Opposite he tied up his barren hut — perhaps he already had it Crown-Blues confused.

So now it’s up to the German campaign manager Discount Giant LidlTo save Christmas 2020 – because the “downsides” never sleep. “Fake Santa Claus” is the rage against the competition: “We have to work together now and this Lidl campaign stop! ”As before Master Yoda its protected Luke Skywalker In the movie “Star Wars.” light sword – and power – delivered, so it receives Lidl Manager A bright red-and-white candy from the angry Santa Claus. With this he bravely opposes his opponent and tests his world Free criminals.

Lidl’s ad spot it simulates a very big movie: the cuts are fast, the music is dramatic – but the trailer-like clip doesn’t really end there. Maybe he sets it up Lidl again, it works until the end Christmas party the other two Adventswochenenden to see. To Social media-success will be the one-minute video that Lidl will release on Friday Instagram ask, but mostly for one thing subtle slip Period against opponent *. Santa is apparently trying to conspire against his “bad” employees Lidl and move to the Christmas market campaign.

But they are curious and do not want to blackmail Lidl with Santa Claus. You have the last year Christmas “Really Enough”a manager explains. His colleague agrees and if they already have a marketing strategy – “with carrots”: “They have beautiful eyes and a mouth, it’s nice!” Evil Santa Claus very annoyed and shows that the carrot bites in the face of something Time * honest workers to the head.

Move Lidl to Time: Instagram users celebrate new clip – “Very Wonderful”

The clip ends here and wants you more. The Instagram user held “Lidl Overproduction” and described the video as “very amazing”, “mega” and “very well done”. “Yedis always win,” it is also speculated Lidl-Follower about the possible end of the story. Another asks directly, “You can buy a Lidl ceiling, right? RIGHT? ”

But how can you concretely conclude that Lidl is against it Competitive period shoots? The carrot it is a decisive indicator! Because Kevin, Carrots, that is since 2016 Period advertising face – Not in Germany, but Great Britain. A real race takes place here on a regular basis Aldi Kevin and his family are selling a fluffy version of the carrot.

In addition, it could Aldi “Crown in 2020” UK market record huge sales – and therefore plans to increase it massively *. (cos) * Merkur.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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