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Members of the board of the clinic feel deceptive with blood tests


NAfter a controversial press campaign for blood analysis of breast cancer, the Heidelberg University Hospital Commission has reported allegations against the company. "We are deceived," said CEO Annette Grüters-Kieslich, "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung." "Because of this and other maneuvering nebulizations, the hospital committee could not understand how it was about a broad concept of the campaign." The commercial director of the University Clinic and the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, Irmtraud Gürkan, said: "We're wrong and using it."

Heiscreen will market blood analysis and be 80,000 euros. The company presented a new spin-off at the University Hospital in Heidelberg and the same university clinic on February 21. In a press release, he said "it was launching a landmark in breast cancer diagnosis" this year will be launched. Because there is no scientific evidence, published in a recent study and a medical journal, the university had to apologize for this early prediction at the end of March. It takes at least seven years to complete the test.

A part of the campaign was a "picture" interview. Gürkan has said that only a few hours or a few hours before the press conference he had received the text and his content was concerned. "My classmates and colleagues thought we were doing a lot more – that is, a broad and systematic PR campaign. All of our efforts would be launched to stop press and press release, though, but HeiScreen's participation in hospital spin-off spin- It was a client off, "said Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung.

Heidelberg Clinic Director Irmtraud Gürkan in 2006

At the University of Heidelberg, they are now afraid of the scandal that may affect the application of the university in the excellence competition. Gürkan has accepted mistakes in the conversation. However, this would not be a reason to question the quality and excellence of this location, said the director. The title of Excellence Award will be decided in mid-July. The University Clinic Board has created a committee on the proposal of the Board of Directors to investigate the scandal. The Commission can not clearly clarify whether the excellence award can be presented beforehand.

The clinic has filed a claim for the Public Prosecutor's Office due to suspicious transactions. After a spectacular publication of the cancer test report, the Chinese pharmacy company "NKY Medical" was owned by Chinese Heiscreen shares at the end of March. Meanwhile, he decided to be the prime minister of the crime of Mannheim. F.A.Z. They also demonstrated the preparation of the market test presentation, as well as the Austrian Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser.

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