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Nations League: Germany shames itself in Spain


Sport The biggest failure since 1931

Germany is embarrassed in Spain

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The teams were embarrassed against Spain

In the last international match of 2020, the Germans received a historic 0: 6 swat against Spain. The last time the DFB team lost 6-0 against Austria was on May 24, 1931 in Berlin.

Germany has given an embarrassing performance in Spain. The team does not defend against a big defeat and initially gives up on its fate. National coach Joachim Löw will have to answer many questions.

DThe Spanish national football team is having a fight in Spain. Joachim Löw’s team gave an embarrassing performance in the League of Nations and the team lost the final 0: 6 (0: 3). It is the biggest defeat for a German national team since 1931.

“It’s not the most painful failure, but it’s one of the clearest. It hurt to see. The problem is that we didn’t get access to the defense. Spain showed us everything. We also need to look at the game in the direction of EM. We have a lot to do, as you can see, ”said Toni Kroos.

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It was an embarrassing appearance for the team, the team did not develop a real chance to score and did not fight against defeat. Spain always went one step faster and the German defense repeatedly pushed away with a straight game. The Germans were also left behind in the middle of the pitch and made a number of serious mistakes when building the match. Spain dominated the game from start to finish.

Spain - Germany

Hanging heads – the selection offers a bloodless performance

Quelle: dpa / Daniel Gonzales Acuna

Germany were very lucky in the fifth minute when Ilkay Gündogan fouled Dani Olmo on the edge of the area and referee Andreas Ekberg gave a free kick. Wrong decision, Gündogan threw Leipziger inside the area.

The team leaves Neuer in the lurch

The leadership of the Spaniards was only delayed. Twelve minutes later the time came: Fabian took a long corner in a corner, and Serge Gnabry took the win against Alvaro Morata in a head-to-head duel. The striker scored close and made it 1-0 for Spain. Manuel Neuer, who replaced Sepp Maier as the record for the German goal in the 96th international match, had no strength.

Spain - Germany

Germany is not fighting against the defeat of Spain. Toni Kroos ’team is going through disaster

Quelle: dpa / Daniel Gonzales Acuna

In the 29th minute, Ferran Torres proved his class when he appeared free in front of him and headed the Spaniard’s shot into the corner with a shoe defense. The first part would be his only good scene.

UEFA Nations League - Group D - Spain vs Germany

Spain had no resistance and celebrated an easy victory


The German defense failed to score. After Olmo made a cross against Koch, the header hit the crossbar. Ferran Torres bounced off the outside corner 2-0 (33). Five minutes later, Rodrigo took a 3-0 lead from a corner. It was the end of the first half when Spain shook Germany with great force.

There was also a class difference in the second half. The German team made one mistake in the structure of the game one after the other. The Spaniards took advantage of this without mercy – Torres scored 4-0 (55th). Germany still has a well-stocked deficit.

Germany is not fighting defeat

The team suffered defeat and did not back down. The real foul after a duel was made by Jonathan Tah in the 67th minute. He didn’t help, the team fell asleep and invited Torres to score his third goal. The striker scored a 5-0 goal without any resistance.

Spain vs Germany - UEFA Nations League

At a loss – Joachim Löw (left) and his assistant Marcus Sorg

Which: Getty Images / Fran Santiago

Loew was already terrified of sitting on his bench. He decided not to affect the game from the outside. He saw in vain that his team was being violated by the Spaniards. The 60-year-old Mikel Oyarzabal had to watch the Spaniards make it 6-0.

The team lost the leader of the Spanish championship and lost the finals of the League of Nations. Compared to what the team looked like in Seville, it was a trifle.

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