Friday , May 20 2022

Poland won 1-1 in Portugal – 2 cups in Germany for the European Championship title


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Group A-D team heads:
Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, England

Pot 1 (team leaders E-J): Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland

Pot 2 (2nd place in Group A teams): Germany, Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic.

Pot 3 (A group 3 sections): Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria, Israel

Pot 4 (4 titles in A-J title): Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia

Pot 5 (5th place in teams A): Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands

Pot 6 (6th place in the F-J teams): Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta, San Marino

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