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In the first section of "Sylvie's Lingerie Models", Elena and Mona are also among two Swedish candidates. Both of them could not convince the end.

Sylvie Meis thanks RTL viewers as a moderator for "Let's Dance" or "Das Supertalent". On Wednesday evening, November 21, the beginning of the first series of "Sylvies Dessous Models" was featured. Among the 30 candidates, Sylvie Designs is looking for a new brand ambassador for lingerie and swimwear.

Two young Swabian women participated in the opening sequence: Elena, 25, Kleinaitingen and Mona, 22, from Mindelheim. In the end, they had to go to two houses.

In a long-distance clothing, female candidates to choose themselves, 30 candidates went to the Meis jury. He is a member of his team and, of course, as a jury member. Ten women chose Meis for the next two rounds to send two more candidates at home at the end of the show.

Read it now: logbook diary electronic.

Swedish candidates: Mona and Elena "Sylvies Dessous Models"

In the presentation of Kleinaiting Elena, he summed up the jury. It could be seen on the sofa – Sylvie calls chaise longue – lying with black and white flowers. "And what do you do to live?" The jury asked. "I am with the insurance company," said Elena and laughed. "Very tight". It's not enough for 25 years. Zack, Zack, goes to Sylvie Meisera. The next model was already introduced.

Mindelheim's Mona Schafnitzl, on the other hand, was able to persuade her to walk. In red clothes, he quickly and smiled in the presence of the mayor before the jury. The judges were amazed at the look of the 22-year-old Schwaben, "I am from Bavaria, near Munich." Judgment of the Jury: Mona's gap and his freckles made something special. Its appearance works well. So he could imagine everything, sensual and delicious. However, he eventually had to leave the shipment.

Monah's Mindelheim Lingerie and Swimwear at the Hamburg Harbor

Along with the new modeling of nine models of lingerie, he soon went to Hamburg. There, it was the first shooting in the port of Hamburg. He had to fight with a top network at the age of 22, but at the end he was happy, having premiered his first shot in his hands. Sylvie Meis talked about the deck movie: "I would not hire Mona today", but then added with a gesture: "However, it can not be changed yet."

It was not changed anymore. Mona did not have to get Sylvie out of her new collection. Meis looks for his face for the next season of lingerie and swimwear. And she does not look for women. No, the charisma who is beautiful and has the right proportions, says Meis. Who knows something and can show his brand well. She is looking for a perfect lingerie model, she is looking for "really new Sylvie".

"Sylvies Dessous Models": Sylvie Meis is behind the show

Makeups talked about "Sylvies Lingerie Models" with a personality and a "real passion" pattern. "It's more than pure beauty."

And it is more than young women who dream of the modeling career. Sylvie Meis sees the show as a true German Sylvie presenter. So, at the beginning, he is entitled to his wedding with the footballer Rafael van der Vaart, who was in front of the crowd. Due to breast cancer, it was diagnosed at age 31.

His son Damián was, who was his only. He was moderating about "Let's dance" and he did not expect, as he tells. And how he was sick at age 17 with a mess.

"Sylvies Dessous Models" is considered as a sister and friend of young female candidates "Meis". "Will I tell you?" Asked a candidate. "Yes, of course," Meis said and smiled.

These were the candidates of Kleinaiting and Mindelheim in Swabia

Mona was not in her eyes. On the final decision of the first section, he hopes to meet with the other two bracelets of the other bracelets, to obtain all the next rounds. Mona waited in vain. "I think it's very good," said Meis Mindelheim, "I did not see any image in so much original charisma." At the age of 22 he said: "I am sad, I would like to know what would happen."

It should not be sad: after all, Mona Schafnitzl has already been "Miss Neu-Ulm", "Upper Bavaria," and "German Miss Republican Germany". In Instagram, Mindelheimerin is also a successful and works as a model and dancer. That's why Mindelheimer Zeitung says they see a lot of people watching television. Over 17,000 users have been in Instagram for 22 years.

In his first session called Sylva Dessous Models Swabian is called "Elena", 25 years old and comes from Kleinaiting. In the interview, he already said that before he had already had a modeling experience before television broadcast. In full-time work, Elena is an insurance company. they were there RTL He started confidently with himself from the beginning. The phrase "I love my body" has been mentioned by the journalist 25 years ago.

Otherwise: who asked RTLThe format "Sylvies Lingerie Models" comes out completely. Some quotes are nice? "I will give everything", "Finally I want to win", "I am so funny, I think so" and "I do not expect any hope but I hope," said young women at the same time.

Sylvie will take care of the headmaster of the show: female and sex, as well as sex games and exquisite skin. He gives it that RTL On Wednesday evening, at 8:15 PM, it will be visible again. (AZ)

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