Thursday , December 9 2021

The biggest opponent is now waiting for Youssouffa Moukoko


Youssoufa Moukoko turns 16 on Friday. From then on, he will be allowed to play in the Bundesliga under specially adapted DFL statutes.

But from that day on, the biggest opponent is waiting for him – the highest hope in Bundesliga history.

Never has a player, especially a young man, had to deal with so many superlatives in terms of his talent and skills on his way to his first professional appearance.

From world champions like national coach Joachim Löw to BVB colleagues like Erling Haaland or international stars – the excellent skills of the Cameroon-born midfielder, who made his 13-year-old debut at Dortmund U17 and has since scored 137 goals in 81 competitive matches.

In articles about Moukoko, young coaches, teammates, and opponents flip each other out with hymns of praise. The youngest Bundesliga player of all time, Nuri Sahin, is in the stream The shooter a great conversation – only about Moukoko (headline: “U19 is easy for him”).

Moukoko believes that many observers, with tremendous talent, all the quality of the century – are waiting for the biggest test now. In addition to experienced defenders like Jérôme Boateng, Dayot Upamecano or Martin Hinteregger, he will certainly want and show the youngsters some applauded differences and show them the maximum challenges he will face.

The psychological component is crucial with Moukoko

The psychological component created by the rise and attention of the entire football family from millions of unprecedented fans and spectators to the biggest consulting agencies and the greatest exploratory directors of all international football companies is perhaps the decisive piece of Mouko’s fairy tale puzzle.

The judgments of the ruthless business, which is seen as essentially a share of Mouko, are made very quickly, often too quickly. Authors and other speakers, such as “They Didn’t Get It,” as soon as it comes out quickly, it’s a difficult exit. And you have to do so much for that, far from any quality sport.

Nuri Sahin, now 32, and Antalyaspor’s contract in Turkey, says im The shooter: “So far the sun is only shining on Youssoufa, it has never been a rainy day. But they will come.”

Super talent can then be expected to have a good wing. The right people to help. So the 16-year-old isn’t discussing multi-million dollar contracts, but he’s constantly preparing them for exams. So he really becomes a master all over the world.

Tobias Holtkamp, ​​the author of this text, was the editor-in-chief of Sport Bild and the editor-in-chief of He currently advises athletes and brands on their content and strategic direction. For SPORT1, Holtkamp writes the weekly “Bundesliga column” as a columnist.

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