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The magnetic north magnetic field is underway so fast that the researchers are no longer working. That's the reason


The Earth's Magnetic AreaThe Earth's magnetic field is anchored by magnetic poles of the north and south.Shutterstock

In Hollywood's "The Core", the ground suddenly stops the rotation, and the magnetic field collapses. The result: the deadly microwave causes the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and the Rome Coliseum burning.

Justin Revenaugh, according to a seismologist at the University of Minnesota, "almost everything is wrong in the film." The Earth's magnetic field is a truth that protects deadly and destructive solar radiation from the planet – without it, solar winds could dry the Earth's oceans and eliminate the planet's atmosphere – but the magnetic field of the planet is not static.

Magnetic North Pole Earth (which does not correspond to the geographic north) has led scientists over the last century. Approximately 50 kilometers a mile northwards.

North pole magnetic Magnetic north pole has changed north to XX From the centuryWikimedia Commons

This move caused a worldwide magnetic model (MMA) to be incorrect. The model continues in the field and informs the compasses, telephone and GPS navigation systems in aircraft and ships. With the upcoming WMM forecast for 2020, the US Army upgraded earlier to access magnetic north magnetic movements.

The authors of a new study have now seen why the northern magnetic pole would move and now learn how to predict these changes.

Follow the movements in the middle of the earth

The Earth's magnetic field is converted to liquid nickel and iron at the outer nucleus of the planet, about 2,900 kilometers below the surface. The magnetic poles of the North and South (an evolutionary trend of reversing millions of years) anchored increases and decreases in the area in the nucleus.

Accumulating the distribution of this disturbed fluid periodically and sometimes randomly in the magnetic field may cause peculiarities. Like a rubber band that passes through the magnetic field and the Earth's core, if you think of the magnetic field, the changes of the heart will be made in different places, with different rubber bands.

These geomagnetic revolutions may result in the migration of the north magnetic pole and the position may cause a radical deviation.

geomagneticDisplays the interior of the Earth's hill, simulated by a computer simulation.Aubert et al. / IPGP / CNRS photo library

So far, there has been a prediction of the change in these magnetic fields. In the new study, Julien Aubert and Christopher Finlay geophysicists attempted to simulate the Earth's core physical conditions to make supercomputer calculations four million hours.

The researchers knew that the internal heat of the planet could affect the magnetic field outside, about ten kilometers. However, some iron liquids were found at the center, and the surrounding liquid was much warmer and lighter. If the difference between the smallest and most compact liquid ones and the difference between the colder temperatures against it is large enough, the hot fluid is rising rapidly.

This rapid movement then triggers magnetic waves towards the surface area of ​​the magnetic core.

"Imagine these waves like the vibrating string of musical instruments," Aubert told Business Insider.

Magnetic stripe is important in navigation models

Control over magnetic field is essential for military personnel from Europe and the United States, because their navigation systems are based on WMM. Commercial airlines and GPS phone applications also identify pilots and users their locations and navigate accordingly.

For this reason, the British Geological Survey and the National Oceans and the Atmospheric Administration WMM update for five years. The first updates ordered by the US Army ended on February 4.

However, with these regular updates, the geomagnetic change is difficult to maintain in a precise way, said Aubert.

Google Maps iPhone GPSThe magnetic stripe is important for GPS phone applications.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

His new model of research team could help to predict how the earth's magnetic field could deal with this problem.

"Over the next few years, we hope that it will be possible to catch them from the past and to predict the future with better accuracy," said Aubert.

Is the magnetic field ever falling down?

The Earth's magnetic field protects the atmosphere, which keeps "rays" from the rays of the sun, as Revenaughe says. If we lose our magnetic fields, we would eventually lose the atmosphere.

However, according to Revenaugh, this is very difficult because the Earth's core was never rotated.

Although the field has fallen, the destructive effects described in the "The Core" movie would not be the people that would end up with the innocent result.

sunshine stormWithout its atmosphere and magnetic fields, it would be bombarded by continual cosmic radiation.NASA

Much more likely, as Revenaugh said, magnetic poles would be reversed, as 780,000 years ago.

If these reversals occur (some were in Earth's history), the magnetic field drops to 30% of its total strength, he said.

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Although it is a far-flung scenario, Revenaugh has added that scientists are still important for improving understanding of the magnetic field. "The more we can have a better model, the better we can understand what it is," he said.

Translated from German.

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