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Those stars are there, but one is missing


The “Dream Boat” will be launched again on Boxing Day. This time ZDF love steamer goes to Cape Town. There are stars like Linda Evans and Motsi Mabuse on board, but a major crew member is missing on the voyage.

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The last “Traumschiff” episode was at Easter. Within a few weeks, viewers can finally be successful in another edition of the hit show – and twice. On December 26, the love steamer sailed for Cape Town.

“Denver Clan” – Star an Bord

This time the real legend of the play will also be on the board. ZDF was able to win the shooting of the new episode for Linda Evans. Now the 77-year-old man became famous all over the world overnight with the movie “The Denver Clan”. Another series had almost no such sensation as the stories about Carrington in the early 1980s. On boxing day, he will be flashing across the screens with the “dream boat”.

Linda Evans and Dietrich Hollinderbäumer are in favor of this "Dream boat" in front of the camera.  (Source: ZDF / Dirk Bartling)Linda Evans is in front of the camera with Dietrich Hollinderbäumer to get the “dream boat”. (Source: ZDF / Dirk Bartling)

Not only Linda Evans, but also Marianne Sägebrecht will be there as Magdalena’s sister, “Doctor’s Diary” star Kai Schumann, “Let’s Dance” judge Motsi Mabuse and former actress “Sturm der Liebe” Sarah Elena Timpe. Game Winterscheidt, who was seen as the captain’s brother a year ago, will also play again.

Florian Silbereisen captain Max Parger, hotel manager Barbara Wussow Hanna Liebhold and Daniel Morgenroth Martin Grimm will be the first officers on board. Only Harald Schmidt, who was first the director of the Oskar Schifferle cruise in 2009, is missing again. The 63-year-old man was also not seen in the Easter section while he was filming while he had another job.

Last episode with Doc Sander

In return, the audience may be waiting for Nick Wilder for the last time. He played the role of Doc Sander for ten years. But now he will land and leave the “ship’s dream”. The Boxing Day episode is his latest appearance. The actor explained in an interview on t-online: why he will leave his secure job as a ship doctor in the all-time Corona crisis.

On January 1, the ZDF steamer will depart for Seychelles. In the New Year’s section, viewers will see presenter Laura Karas, model Alena Gerber and star Horst Lichter “Bares für Rares,” among others.

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