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Weather in Germany: blood and temperature decline – and that's not all


German weather showed in the unusual April. But a temperature drop is happening, it brings us a weather phenomenon: blood rain.

  • The temperature of mid-April 2019 is in early summer.
  • A weather phenomenon is not good.
  • A major change in the weather threatens.
  • Blutreg's weather phenomenon is announced.

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Update from April 27: Weekend weather is uncomfortable On Saturdays, sun rays pass through the day to the northeast. There are also local storms. The temperature is usually around 15 degrees. Mountain mountains are also snowy.

Weather in Germany: Friday, blood rain is a problem for the car

Update, 21:27: On Friday afternoon, half of the eastern part of Germany can be found, eastern low Bavaria mountain range and Vorpommern, storms, storms and storms.

Cold fronts have already crossed large parts of Germany. There are only hot air in the east and north-east. In addition, most of the seawater is dominated by fresh air, which also guarantees a variable weather on the weekends. Then, in the west, it can cause wind and heavy storms, as the DWD announces.

Update from April 26 to 9:15 p.m.: In recent days, Desert Air is heating Germany. It was very warm. He received a lot of dusty wilderness from southern Bavaria, as Bayerischer Rundfunk had said. According to this, Saharawi powder reached 140,000 tonnes only in Bavaria on Wednesday.

a blood rains Surely, it's expected on a Friday. The precipitated precipitation then extracts dust from the air. Blood storms can leave a mark on cars. Because the dust of the desert is colored reddish or yellowish brown. So, on Saturday, long lines in front of the car wash are expected. According to BR, a storm of blood is expected from Bavaria, when it was announced on Wednesday at the center of Germany.

Update from April 26 to 20:15: Scary cold fronts are attacked west-west from central Germany, but this afternoon only arrives half-east. The air of the sea continues to be much cooler, now the German Weather Service.

East Western Bavaria's ridge in some of the southern lowlands of West Pomerania could be expected. Individual storms can be quite inconvenient with heavy rain, storms and hail. In the Alps, the hair dryer breaks slowly.

Weather in Germany: temperature decline and rotation – the doctor warns of health problems

Update April 25 from 8:38 p.m .: A previous cold brings cooler temperatures to Germany on weekends, but a heavy rainfall is not visible due to German weather service (DWD). "It will be convenient, but the expectations of five to ten liters per square meter are not enough to achieve this drought," said Jacqueline Kernn, DWD meteorologist, on Thursday in Offenbachen. He does not expect a lasting improvement, according to the foregoing models, even the next week. This is also likely to be applied to forest fires.

This Friday, the band bands from the North Sea and the Rhine go to the east, and they bring storms and storms, storms and heavy rains. According to the forecast, that is, it will be 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, while the sun is still 22 and 27 degrees. In the southwest, the DWD expects a longer rainfall of 9 to 14 degrees. In the Alps, the major snowfall is 1200 meters.

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Weekend weather is variable, according to DWD. He is terrified again, especially in the middle and west, where he can shine and thunder. The maximum temperature is between 12 and 19 degrees Celsius on Saturdays. In the west, and in the middle, the storms would be so great. A similar image shows on Sunday, only longer in the north. At 11 and 17 degrees, it becomes a little cooler again. At night, the temperature drops to three degrees; In the light of day, it can also get colder.

Weather in Germany: temperature decline and rotation – the doctor warns of health problems

Update on April 25 at 10:30 p.m. On Wednesday afternoon, after a heavy storm of NRW, the BVB competition was canceled and after twelve minutes.

Update on April 25, at 8:30 p.m. Germany's changing weather continues on Thursday. While most of the Federal Republic is warm and sunny around the sun, something in the West is growing. There is also an official storm warning. The districts of Aachen, Düren and Euskirchen are affected. The warning will start until Thursday. And other North Rhine-Westphalia countries, as well as northwestern Lower Saxony, must adapt to strong winds. Winds and sometimes storms may also be on the banks of the Alps.

At the end of the week the temperature will also fall. It rises to 15 degrees south of the south, but it's below 20 degrees east. It threatens the worst weather in Germany, read the text below.

Weather in Germany: The weather raises problems

Weather changes do not mean a pleasant time, especially for people who are "sensitive to weather". With them, rapid changes often lead to health problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness or sleep disorders. Rheumatism or high blood pressure is also worse. Experts recommend that they change their usual physical activity.

But is the health situation deteriorating with the weather? Human Biomedecologist, PhD. Andreas Matzarakis explains "Basically, weather is not the cause of symptoms", it already increases complaints. Mostly, people who suffer from sleep deprivation or stress suffer more often. In cold weather complaints often occur in people with high blood pressure.

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Severe weather for Germany: in some places blood drops

Update from April 24: After passing through the beautiful weather of the beautiful Easter, the German Weather Service (DWD) warns of the thunderstorms in Germany today, and sometimes heavy rainfall. Some pieces threaten a very rare phenomenon: blood rains. This is when the red ones transport the Saharan dust. Then the sky is foggy and yellow in color. The sand grains are joined together with the sand; That's why rain flows are red-blooded, like blood.

But there is no curious weather everywhere. Above all, the central part of Germany can cause bloodshed, as well as the possibility of red blood drops in Rhineland.

DWD released a satellite image, a stormy storm that occurred in France in Germany in France, a storm of about 90 km / h can cause storms.

Meanwhile, 29-degree 29-degree high temperatures allow Bavaria to snow ( *).

The weather is threatening nowadays, and meteorologists also warn about this summer

Update from April 24: The phenomenon of evil weather does not only threaten Germany these days. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), we are looking for another drought summer. "If it continues in the next few months over the next few months, the drought of 2018 could be repeated or overtaken," says DWD Agricultural Meteorologists, Udo Busch, Offenbachen. At the beginning of the growing season, land is much drier in many regions than in the long-term average, even more dry than last April. This also calls the recovery plans: in some places in Germany, there is a high risk of forest fires, and the Swedish Fire Brigade (DFV) needs more extinguisher.

At that time, the roots of plants and trees may still be long enough to pull the soil moisture from the deep layer and drip so well. However, these water tanks are "much less" this year. For this reason, drought would hardly worsen in agriculture, but this time it is also forestry. Especially affected by eastern states – especially Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

22nd April on the weather: In Germany the weather was damaged for Easter. High temperatures and 25 degrees. However, mini-summer is soon history. Before April 22, so on Tuesday or April 25, the temperature will be drastic.

Weather in Germany: Is there a threat to a weather phenomenon?

The weather forecast is called "experts" in the weather. The term is full of volumes. But even in the 1950s, these weather models were from German meteorologists and climatologists Hermann Flohn describe it

The Bonn clinic, who died in 1997, according to, defined the fact that the weather had occurred at about the same time at least two years, at least two years.

Weather in Germany: The weather forecast for a particular weather model will not go well.

© dpa / Andreas Arnold

Weather in Germany: what does April's summer mean?

In Germany it seems like a typical weather pattern. For example, Herrmann Fohn saw cold weather in the spring, despite global warming, which can be read in 1949. As a result, cold falls would meet on certain dates, if there were some major constellations of weather, the weather situation was mainly dry and sunny.

A major change in the weather after this "peculiarity" would be on Thursday, April 25th. Whether this preview actually arrives will appear.

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High "Katharina" was created as a result of the horrific weather in Germany, but it goes to Eastern Europe, according to the German Weather Service (DWD), which will rise today at a temperature of 24 degrees west and 27 degrees east. According to forecasts of weather forecasts, weather conditions will change on Friday, with temperatures higher than 20 degrees, and a deep "Sander" will create unstable weather from Wednesday.

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Weather in Germany: when are "Eisheiligen"?

Gardeners and farmers hope that the cold weather will last a little longer: "You're never safe at night until Sophie's end", an old farmer in southern Germany. The last day called "Eisheiligen" with "Sophie" falls on May 15.


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